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Feb 12, 2011 07:34 AM

Just in case you're eating Dreamfield's pasta thinking it's better for you...

Those of us who test our blood glucose after eating it have known this for years.

"To our surprise the mean postmeal glucose curves were essentially identical. Therefore, we studied five different subjects. The result was the same; that is, the curves were essentially identical (Fig. 1). In 10 people without diabetes, the Dreamfields pasta product we purchased did not result in an improved glucose excursion when compared with a commercially available traditional pasta product as would have been expected based upon the company's claim."

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  1. Interesting. I've never tried theirs as I go for the really low carb but slightly squeaky-feeling refrigerated shirataki noodles when I want pasta. Dreamfields says on its site that it has about the same high fiber as whole wheat pasta. And pasta (IIRC) wasn't the worst thing in the world in glycemic index anyway. Further reading showed they rely in part on inulin to make their stuff allegedly less glycemic. They mention overcooking can render their pasta more digestible (and presumably then higher in glycemic index).

    That's a pretty darn small study, but it makes me wonder if other things that use inulin might be higher-carb than they say (I would think individual digestion plays a role also); also whether a larger study would bear out the same results. Sticky wicket, for sure.

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      Individual digestion definitely plays a role. I can tell you from years of reading and comparing notes with other diabetics, that in many it raises blood glucose more than regular pasta, and in my case, I cooked it much less than the package says to, 5-6 minutes and it caused very late and very, very long spikes in blood glucose. Most folks who test find that or that it causes the exact same reaction as regular pasta. One diabetic I know of has no problem or spike from it, in about a decade, only one. GI is such a poor predictor of bg response that it's pretty much of no use by the time you're diabetic.

      I don't miss pasta, but I have Carba Nada in the house; usually with better results. I never miss noodles enough to eat shiratakis. :-)