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Feb 12, 2011 03:44 AM

Bummer news about Mi Viejo Pueblito

I saw on the Baltimore Sun Dining@Large blog that it's now Fiesta Mexicana (there's another location in Rosedale - same owner), under new ownership. I really liked MVP -- may give the new place a try when we're in the area.

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  1. Personally, I'm not too bummed. The new owner has one of the best Mexican food restaurants in the area in Rosedale. For me personally, this is awesome news!!!

    Should have mentinoed the restaurant in Rosedale is Fiest Mexicana - Plent of yelp reviews out there.

    1. The closing of Mi Viejo Pueblito is devastating news, indeed.

      1. I went to Fiesta Mexicana once and really enjoyed it. But the space was so cramped, we never returned. However, I really liked MVP. Hearing that FM had taken over the space softened the blow. However, on the Dining @ Large blog, some are saying the new location isn't as good as the Rosedale location. Might have to check for myself.

        Fiesta Mexicana
        8304 Philadelphia Rd, Rosedale, MD 21237

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          We went last night, and had a chance to talk to Federico, the owner. He indicated that they'd only been in the space for a couple of weeks. He said that at first he tried leaving the menu unchanged from what Mi Viejo Pueblito had been doing, but found that he was not comfortable recommending things to customers that were not his food and his recipes, or as he put it "This food is from my heart". It didn't sound like he had anything against what had come before, it's just that being in the restaurant biz is hard work, and he feels he needs to be 100% committed to the product he puts out.

          I'm sad to see Mi Viejo Pueblito go, as I saw it and Fiesta Mexicano as being complimentary - different, but good, variations on the same style. On the other hand, if somebody had to take over the space, it's nice to see that it's going to stay in the same vein, and be a good solid replacement. And of course, for those of us who found the drive from their homes to Rosedale a limitation, perhaps the new location will allow a view more taste of this style of Mexican food. For those who find the original FM space crowded and the parking problematic, the new space will allow us to eat without feeling like we need to rush to make room for somebody else.

          Federico indicates that there will be only minor changes to the decor, such as solid colors to replace the sponge painting on the walls, and he plans to open the wall to the kitchen area so diners have the same view of their food being prepared that one has in the Rosedale spaces.

          1. re: Warthog

            |>> he was not comfortable recommending things to customers that were not his food and his recipes, or as he put it "This food is from my heart".

            Compelling. Thanks for the report.