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Feb 12, 2011 02:55 AM

Dinner in Berlin before Staatsoper?

Suggestions please for dinner before an evening performance at Staatsoper. Local cuisine preferred, but would consider any sort of food that can be consumed in an informal atmosphere. Prefer short walk to the opera after dinner, or ready public transport connection.

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  1. I'd look into some of the places around Gendarmenmarkt. Bocca di Bacco or San Nicci (both on Friedrichstr.) or Lutter & Wegner on Gendarmenmarkt, or Vau on Unter den Linden.

    Avoid Borchardt's unless you care more for celeb sightings than a good meal.

    1. Thanks linguafood. I have previously enjoyed Lutter & Wegner on Gendarmenmarkt (and at Sony Center). Bocca di Bacco has been on my list of places to try.

      However, I just learned that Staatsoper is performing in temporary quarters at Bismarckstra├če several kilometers from its normal site on Unter den Linden while its building is under renovation. So your suggestions will be repurposed.

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        Hmmm. Bismarckstr. isn't exactly in the epicenter of culinary Berlin. If you'd like a VERY Berlin experience, try to make it to Rogacki on Wilmersdorfer Str. They are not open late, so it'd have to be on the early side.

        Also, you're relatively close to Kantstr., which is basically Berlin's Chinatown (mostly Cantonese).

        Or the area around Savignyplatz - number of places there. Zwiebelfisch comes to mind...

        Charlottenburg's not really my neighborhood, but let me know if you need any more recommendations.

        1. re: linguafood

          Some great places near Savingplatz - Thieles (modern German or international), Lutter and Wegner (the original) on Schuelterstrasse (tradional German - geat Wienerschnitzel), Florian, and Lubtisch.