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Feb 11, 2011 08:22 PM

need recipe: saag paneer WITHOUT onions

I love Indian food. I love spinach. I *love* saag paneer. But I am very allergic to onions. Every recipe I've seen has onions as an integral ingredient. Anyone have a recipe that does not require onions in it, but is still delicious?

Onion powder is actually fine . . . I have no bad reaction to it for some reason.

Thanks in advance for any recipe/advice/links.


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  1. Try this one:

    The Jain religion beliefs include a strict vegetarian diet, and root vegetables are not used, so no onions.

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    1. re: Quine

      Thanks Quine. That was fast.

      Have you made this recipe before? I am wondering if I could get by with roughly pureeing the spinach mixture (ie, not going all the way, and stopping the blender/processor before it becomes a smooth puree). Would that affect the subsequent cooking process, do you think? I tend to prefer more texture in this dish, if possible.

      1. re: santamonica811

        I have not made this recipe, just googled for one. I know that Jains do not eat root vegetables so felt pretty sure check out some of their recipes would work. Try it! Especially since you love Indian food.

        This site also cooks with onions and provides alot of recipes and videos.

        1. re: santamonica811

          Agree with Quine -- Manjula's Kitchen on YouTube is a great resource for healthy Indian food. She's Jain, so none of her recipes will have onions. I have made a handful of them, and they're solid.