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Feb 11, 2011 07:52 PM

Eating in Paris with kids

We will be in paris for 7 days in April with our children - 11 and 7. We are thinking lunches out and breakfast and dinners in our apartment.

Thoughts on places to eat around the city - sit down and street food? As well as markets to pick up breakfast and dinner staples.


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  1. Do what the French do, take the kids to restaurants.

    So simply search the board and find places that suit your taste - there is already lots of information that answers these regularly asked generic questions.

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      there are open-air markets all over the city.

      Restaurants are required by law to post their menu with prices outside the door, so it's easy to gauge budget before you go in -- and a quick peek in the windows will tell you if it's kid-friendly or no.

      Cafe, bistros, and brasseries are pretty universally fairly priced and very accommodating to families.

    2. Kids I know have enjoyed restaurants in Paris with interesting settings like Chartiers (9th), Polidor (6th) or the cafe in the Musee d'Orsay. The food in these places is basic, delicious when one orders wisely and the price is right. (Not fun to spend 50 euro to find out that your little one doesn't care for whatever!) My 12 yr old enjoys good food, but is not "driven" by it. The surroundings are as important to him as the menu.