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Feb 11, 2011 07:41 PM

YYC - downtown caterers

I'm organizing an office lunch event. We are located downtown - can someone recommend a good caterer? I don't have an actual budget, just need to be reasonable. The lunch will be for about 25 people.

I'm looking for a place that has good food, with good ingredients, that will deliver.


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  1. There's no city with airport code "YYV." Do you man "YYC" or "YVR"?

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Its probably "C" look at your keyboard and the C is next to the V just a typo.

      1. re: Budca

        Whoops ~ Sorry!!

        I meant YYC - Calgary.

        1. re: Budca

          I assumed as much but had to ask.

      2. Spolumbo's is usually a popular choice and they will deliver.

        1. We have used Rivercut (catering arm of the Redwater Grille in BVS) a couple of times and the food has been outstanding. They will come and set up the lunch in your office space, bringing chafing dishes, stainless steel pitchers for the juice, slate boards for the fruit, etc. Very nice set-up. I think our last lunch was ~$835 for sandwiches, salad, juice, and red velvet cupcakes for 35 people.

          Likewise, Rise Bakery, which is also part of the Vintage group, is a similarly high-quality option. I love the lamb sandwich, and all their baked goods are delicious.

          In addition to these two, we sometimes use Green Bean (the inexpensive option for simple but satisfying lunch) and Candlelight Catering (outside of downtown, but they deliver; I always eat too many of the almond crescents they include on the cookie tray). Some people also praise Sunterra, but we don't order from them since they don't take Amex.

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            thanks everyone! I'll look into these options!

          2. Look into:


            Mrs Scary's office uses them and they have never been disappointed. They recently tried a local snobby grocer that also caters and staff asked to use Great Events the next time.

            1. The original comment has been removed