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Feb 11, 2011 05:53 PM

Woodlot bakery

Has anyone purchased bread from Woodlot bakery? Any recommendations? The Woodlot restaurant thread says that the baker hails from St. John and made a mean sourdough.

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  1. Well, I can now answer my own question. I went to Woodlot bakery at 9 am this morning (they open at 7 am every day except Monday) and bought a still-warm red-fife sourdough baguette. It had a nice, crunchy crust, sharp acidity from the sourdough and an airy crumb (only 1/2 red fife, so texture was not too dense, unlike the St.John 100% red fife sourdough loaf). They also had regular sourdough loaves baked, and more proofing on a table in the middle of the space. The baker and an assistant were busily attending to their loaves in the wood-fired oven!
    They also had a very nice selection of pastries, all very fresh: croissants (regular, nutella as a stand-in for chocolate, and almond), cinnamon buns, blueberry scones, wild blueberry tarts, slices of tarte tatin and madeleines (lemon and chocolate). I purchased some of all but the cinnamon buns and chocolate madeleines (I had to draw the line somewhere!). Lemon madeleines were very nice. Fine-textured, assertive lemon flavoured, very moist (unlike the sawdust-textured majority of madeleines available for purchase in most bakeries, even in Paris). I will post again once I've tried the remainder of my haul. Given what I've tried so far, Woodlot bakery may become a fixture on my weekend errand circuit!

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        The tarte tatin was the best I have ever had. They must have cooked the apples for three hours or more, as they were uniformly deep, dark brown. The caramel was bitter with very little sweetness, which will not be to everyone's taste but was perfect for me and my SO. When I bought it, the pastry was somewhat soggy, which was fixed by treating the pie slices to 20 minutes in the oven! We didn't have any vanilla ice cream on hand, but it would have balanced the bitterness of the caramel perfectly.
        The almond croissant was slightly underdone but had good flavour. The nutella croissant was just right. Very flaky, good filling-to-crust ratio, etc.
        The mini blueberry tarts were also winners. A nicely caramelized, flaky crust with a small dollop of custard and a very generous amount of wild blueberries.

        After eating all of these goodies today, we never made it to the blueberry scones, so we froze them for later! If the quality remains consistent, this place will definitely be my go-to spot for bread and baked goodies on the weekend. I'd love to hear other people's experiences.

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          All sounds very yummy. Love the early hours as well. Do they serve coffee or anything in the morning or is it strictly a retail bakery?

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            I know, if I ever see the light of day at 7 am on a Saturday or Sunday, I'll know where to get a croissant!
            They have an espresso machine, no drip.

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              Espresso?? Even better! I'll have to check this place out. Thanks.

    1. Update: wild blueberry scones were great too. Nice crunchy crust and moist crumb, even after being frozen and rebaked.

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        Bumping this. I tried to got to Woodlot Bakery a number of times over the last few weeks (mornings) based on the reviews above. This morning, a woman working there said they bakery closed "a little while back".

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          I understand you can still go there after 2:00 p.m. and buy fresh breads and baguettes.
          [Note: it's closed Mondays]