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Feb 11, 2011 04:50 PM

Paczki Day

Do any of the Austin bakeries make paczkis for Paczki Day (Fat Tuesday)? If not, who has the best jelly doughnuts in Austin?

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  1. They're not necessarily the best, but I have seen (and bought) Paczki at my local HEB last year.

    1. I really have no idea where to get Paczkis (and now I want to try one), but if you're looking for something slightly related and tied to the same holiday, you might enjoy a king cake. They often come jelly-filled and are quite tasty, and although they're not exactly what you're looking for... hey, might be fun to check out as a potential sub :)


      1. I did end up finding them at HEB. Was so excited, I bought a couple boxes. Good news, the texture and flavor was enough to remind me of the paczkis I had in Michigan. I just wish they had been fresher. Not quite as delicious as my memories.

        popvulture (love that name!). I've had king cake a couple times, but apparently only the bad kind (so say my nola friends). I'm going to a party tonight with a king cake shipped in, so hoping to get to try the real thing.

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          hope you get to try a good king cake, gb.
          my co-worker's from shreveport and always brings one in every year so i'm kinda spoiled.

          i saw the paczki at HEB but didn't try them because i'm not really a big jelly doughnut fan.
          or bavarian "creme", which was the other flavor.

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            what HEB did you find them??? This is my first Paczki day outside of detroit and i am seriously craving one!!

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              they were in the bakery area on a table, right next to the king cakes.

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                I bought mine at the HEB at Spicewood Springs and 183. They are in a white box with Paczki in big red letters. I'd still really like to find them at a bakery where they'd be fresher. But, you take what you can get.

                I missed out on the king cake that was shipped in for the party. It got gobbled up before I arrived. Does anyone have a take on a good enough local source for king cake? Not being from there, I wouldn't know authentic. Would just like one that's better than what I had while living in Kansas. I remember it was bready and dry. I don't remember filling at all.

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                  It positively breaks my heart to hear that there are no area bakeries that make Paczki's. I've only been here from Michigan for 2 years, but I guess I just assumed that everyone ate Paczki's for Fat Tuesday. I asked about it at work today and everyone looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. So, it's H-E-B or bust? Do I break down and call my mom for her recipe? NAHHHH... I'll just get donuts.

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                    I came from Milwaukee 15 years ago. Yes, I've spent all day salivating at the thought of prune-filled from National Bakery. The thought of trying to make my own is terribly daunting! Hope Hancock HEB has them.

            2. apparently, i had a fancy-shmancy paczki today.

              our cafe's pastry chef made a version with a brioche donut, sweetened condensed milk, and a slightly salty desiccated coconut and sugar glaze, with coconutty sugar heaped on top.

              it was messy and rich and i ate it all.

              p.s. would like to try prune; the combination reminds me of ashkenazi jewish bakery flavors.

              1. Closest bakery (restaurant) that makes them right is in Houston :(. Austin used to have a Polish store but they closed down.

                Here is the address in case somebody wants to make trip and bring us some Paczkis:
                Spring Branch
                1900 Blalock Rd Ste P
                Houston, TX 77080
                Phone number (713) 464-9900