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Feb 11, 2011 04:05 PM

Preparation for baby's arrival

So in a little less than a week, my husband and I will become parents. I've been stocking my freezer for the past few weeks with stews, chili, sauces and pot pies since I'm sure dinner will be the least of our priorities for a while. But I'm also going to try to get some last grocery shopping trips and wondering if anyone has any tips for things that would be great to have on hand that might make for simple "grab and go" type snacks without living on granola bars and pb&J sandwiches.

Especially if you have any tips on how to make sure we are still getting our veggies, since most of the reheat plan from the freezer doesn't contain much in the way of leafy greens. Thanks!

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  1. If you have access to bagged arugula, keep one in the fridge at all times. You can throw a handful or two into anything--stews, chili, pasta--for a nice hit of dark greens. It almost disappears but never get slimy.

    1. You want things you can eat with one hand. I recommend Amy's frozen burritos. Also some kind of energy bar you can keep in your bag for when you just don't get a chance to eat--I almost fainted in Target once, and was very glad to have my emergency Clif bar. Also, some little treats to give yourself--tubs of Trader Joe's cookies or something you can grab whenever you walk by. Congratulations and good luck!

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        You are so smart to do this for yourself ahead of time. Look at the Pregnancy Cookbook by Hope Ricciotti, MD and Vincent Connelly. they have excellent recipes for pre- and post partum moms.

      2. Congratulations! What a super question. I remember having all of these great plans to get organized before my daughter was born -- only she came a month early. Ah well. Here are some ideas to get the discussion going. First, consider asking friends/family to bring a salad when they visit instead of yet another onesie or baby blanket. Better yet, have a tech-savvy friend set up a salad brigade so you have fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your house 2 or 3 times a week. People want to help -- they just need ideas about how! Second, consider buying frozen spinach. Reheated, with olive oil and pine nuts and raisins, it can be tasty & quick (and you can even toss it with chick peas & noodles to make a complete meal.) In terms of general shopping, I also bought a bunch of different tapenades/bruschetta toppings -- olive, red pepper, artichoke. Very tasty on toasted baguette. I had friends who went to the salad bar in grocery stores and bought that -- a bit more expensive, but everything was already chopped up. What soups did you make? I've had good success with freezing minestrone -- and you can put lots of veg in that. What are your eating preferences? If you eat meat, consider freezing sausages and/or meatballs. I applaud you for looking out for your veggies, and you definitely need them, but if you are nursing you may really crave protein like I did. (And water! Drink lots of water!) Finally, depending on your neighborhood and your local weather, you may want to take your little one for a walk right away. I used my ergo carrier from week 2 (and my daughter was pretty tiny). We just wrapped her in a couple of blankets, used the infant insert and I could get out of the house to the store! Even for just 20 minutes, it felt really good to stretch my legs. Good luck!

        1. One more idea: I've heard of green smoothies that are spinach based with fruits and fruit juices blended in. I've never had one, but I've got friends who swear by them. It's nice to drink while you are nursing/feeding -- so maybe that's a solution too.

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            YES! Great idea. They're delicious and SO healthy for post-baby digestive issues. There are a couple of threads with lots of green smoothie ideas here too.

          2. congrats on your impending arrival! Sounds like you are planning well. If you like nuts, keeping the flavored almonds around for a quick snack may work for you. Raisins, dried cranberries, any dried fruits really, are good for one-handed eating when you realize you'll fall over without a little hit of sugar in your blood (been there!)
            Also consider what you like to drink - I remember being very thirsty after all of my kids were born, and kept a pitcher of cold water available at all times. A cucumber or lemon in the water adds a bit of flavor without sugar, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners.
            Even if you normally pass right by them, consider the pre-chopped veggies at the store. You may be grateful for a handful of baby carrots or celery stalks without having to prep them. Same goes for the bagged or clamshell salads. They may not be as good as a prepared-from-the-ground-up salads, but you may be more likely to actually have it available when you have a minute to eat.