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Feb 11, 2011 02:57 PM

Carnevino vs Craftsteak

Hi everyone. We are going to get in Vegas this July and can't wait. For our steakhouse meal, I was positive we would be going to Craftsteak but I have now come across Carnevino. Which of the two should we go to and why? We are non drinkers so wine lists will not be a deciding factor. Thanks all for your help.

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  1. Is anybody able to help me decide between the two?

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      1. re: jonhall

        After reading most of the "which steakhouse is best in Vegas?" threads I get the impression CUT and Craftsteak are the two that most Chowhounds put at the top. Carnevino gets the vote if you want to try the "Riserva" steaks, which have been aged for many months. has good write-ups on CUT and Carnevino (but not Craftsteak).

        I'm hitting a steak house next time we're in Vegas (have been going for French food on previous trips but want to branch out) and am still undecided between CUT and Craftsteak. Probably pick CUT if we can get a decent room rate on the north end of the strip ...

      2. Odds are you will get a great steak at either location. For you two, booze isn't a factor. (Great Scotch list @ Craftsteak!) Look up the menus and check out the appies, sides and desserts. Odds are the one the reads best to you two will eat the best, too. Craftsteak usually has the hard to find "hen of the woods" mushroom as a side dish and the Cinnamon Monkey Bread is killer. The sides @ both Cut and Carnevino don't fit my, and particulary my wife's tastes as well.

        So ignore the steaks, read the rest of the menu and vote of which menu reads best to you and go there.

        1. Hi Jon, been to both PRIME and CUT and we're planning to go to Craftsteak this weekend. Currently, I would rank them as follows:

          for food: A: Prime, B: Cut
          for service: A: Cut, B: Prime
          If i had to choose between the two - it would be PRIME

          I'll follow up with a post about Craftsteak if we end up going this weekend. I've heard some bad things about Carnevino respective to service

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          1. re: ejchu7

            i have been to prime, cut and craftsteak, but not carnevino. all are very good but, in my view, cut is a cut above. note: sw at the wynn also is very good.

          2. I go with Cut or Craftsteak.
            Carnevino is overpriced, inconsistent and service is a mess of epic proportions.

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            1. re: century81

              Adam Perry Lang is the man behind the beef at Carnevino and is currently partnering with Jamie Oliver in London. Having said that it does seem that Carnevino continues to get mixed reviews. All of the top steakhouses will have dry-aged USDA mid-western beef. I would base my choice based on sides and location.