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Feb 11, 2011 01:56 PM

Bob's Bulgogi (Victoria & Richmond)

I was in the area for a meeting and noticed a little take out spot called Bob's Bulgogi. Place is small, but they had a few seats.

Went for the Beef Bulgogi, beef with veggies and rice (included Miso soup & pickled radish) and opted for spicy (instead of sweet). Really impressed, beef was tender, meal was spicy (perfect for myself).

What impressed me was it was provided in your typical styrofoam take out tray, but they actually line it with foil. To me, that shows they care. It's a small thing, but much appreciated.

Like I said, it's more of a take out place with limited seating. But, I'm definitely going to check out a few more dishes next time -- I noticed they had Bibimbob, noodles and pahjeon (beef or seafood pancakes).

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  1. the place is pretty good.... they're abit more expensive than the typical takeout korean places but given the location .. they're the best in that vicinity (although there isn't much competition other than the crappy places in the the PATH.
    the bibimbap has substantial veggies

    1. We love this place! It's great for picking up quick takeout on the way home from work. The bulgogi and bibimbop are both delicious, and everything is made to order with a big variety of carefully presented ingredients. You get free soup with every meal. The service is very friendly and as 5andman describes, there is a general attention to detail that a typical food court place just doesn't have. Prices seem very reasonable to me. I've been curious about those pancakes, has anyone tried them?

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        Just tried my first bibimbob, it was excellent. Lots of assorted veggies, everything fresh, great hot sauce. Fairly small portion of beef but with the egg too that's OK. The guys running this place were friendly, and the food was ready fast, it will become a regular lunch stop.