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Feb 11, 2011 01:13 PM

KIllarney, Ireland

My husband, myself, and our seven year old will be in Killarney for four days for a family wedding at The Europe and though we will be occupied with various wedding events much of the time I am hoping for a few occasions to escape the maddness and venture out on our own. I am a trained chef, and though I do enjoy a beautiful plate, I am more Bohemian in my travels and much prefer the hole in the wall that serves a great farmhouse cheese plate with a beer. Or the perfect cup of coffee with a good bowl of porridge.

Would LOVE any and all suggestions in or around Killarney.

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  1. It's been about 7 years since I've been to Killarney so my info is a bit out of date. The Muckross Park Hotel has been turned into a spa/hotel and we had a few really good dinners there. What they serve now, I have no idea. I remember there being a few very 'down home' places on the main street of Killarney.. very simple, Irish fare. There are a few great pubs to hear Irish music some evenings - try not to miss that.

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      Gaby's is recalled as a great seafood place - run by a Belgian family and been there for years.

    2. The Lake House Hotel has a lovely view of one of the lakes; nice spot for a pre-dinner drink. We didn't eat there but the food looked good too. Had a nice meal at Lord Kenmare's in town. The fish was standout.

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        We discovered Stonechat, a lovely place serving hearty local dishes. Nothing too fancy and great value.
        Just off the high street, in the centre of town.

      2. We had a great lunch last fall at the Ross Hotel. Quite inexpensive and a nice atmosphere. The food was very tasty.

        1. Try Treyvards Restaurant at 62 High Street, Killarney. Website: It's an international fare. As far as hole in the wall type venues; just ask the people. They are extremely friendly and can recommend where the locals eat. Good luck!