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Feb 11, 2011 12:43 PM

VA: Kerr Lake Area, Clarksville and areas towards the east

I'm not turning up much of anything for this area.

I'm hoping to find a terrific breakfast or lunch spot, opened Fri. or Saturday during winter.

Any ideas?


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  1. There probably isn't much along there. Rt. 58 is one of my least favorite roads to drive on. Clarksville used to have a nice little downtown area, but it has been bypassed by a new bridge a few years back. I don't know how that has affected the businesses downtown. That would be my best guess to find something in Clarksville.

    East of Clarksville on Rt. 58 is South Hill at I-85, and Emporia at I-95. Both of these towns are crossroads towns that will basically have the typical interstate exit fast food places. Going back west to Danville may be more promising. Like I said, Rt. 58 is not a fun drive.

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    1. re: foodjack

      I appreciate the info. If I find anything worth reporting on I'll post!

      Hopefully someone will chime in with a last minute surprise of a gem...

      1. re: foodjack

        Years ago I remember eating at the Horseshoe Restaurant in South Hill, and thinking it was pretty decent for what it was. Is that still there?

      2. I ended up in Clarksville. The downtown still has a few places. There are two supper club looking spots, a Chinese place, a pizza/sub shop and a McDonalds. Due to the morning storms I ended up here around 3 p.m. Nothing looked lively, so I ate my travel snacks...

        Looks like it could perk up on summer weekends with the boating/fishing folks.