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Feb 11, 2011 11:37 AM

Tilly Mint's Tea Room (Souderton)

I rarely travel to the Souderton area but for those who do, Tilly Mint's Tea Room is a special treat. It won't appeal to the hearty appetite of a macho man but the British-style tea service provides excellent and creative fare for those who want to dine lightly in a dignified setting without spending a fortune. The assortment of teas is excellent, the tea sandwiches and shepherd's pie are memorable and the desserts are so tasty. The experience of Tilly's is sure to provide hours of conversation afterwards, as the place is just so unlike anything else you've experienced west of London.

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  1. Hmm. Still haven't gotten around to trying the tea shop in Lansdale. Hope it's still there. Where about in souderton Enjoy?

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      Tilly's is on West Chestnut Street, a stone's throw from Main.

    2. I totally agree. Tilly Mint's is a very special place.

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        I've been twice. Excellent tea and food. It is fun whether with a sizable group or just two.

      2. Tilly Mints Tea Room is really something special. I've lived in bucks county for over 8 years now, and this place deserves some serious recognition! Owner Trish Stubbs puts out a tasty variety of dainty sandwiches, soups and savory's, scones that are to die for, and a dessert tray that even the Queen herself would go crazy for! The selection of loose tea is exceptional and served in the most wonderful variety of tea pots you can imagine! My personal fav is the French caramel and Tilly mint's. The atmosphere is a spectacular, if you look around you will find the most amazing array of British history, there is even a British style phone booth where customers are welcomed to take their cell phone call's! As if the fair and lovely service weren't enough there is an adorable gift shop with plenty of teapots, loose tea, jewelry, books, and knick-knacks I dare you to leave empty handed! If you think this sounds incredible, visit for a holiday or special event, the North Pole Tea with Santa was magical! I do suggest making a reservation though, this tearoom fills up fast! The best one I ever have visited! If in the area I suggest you stop by for a 'spot' of really is a memorable experience!

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          Sounds great fun, a proper tea room. Surely with clotted cream and strawberry conserve. Thanks very much indeed.

        2. Thanks EGF. . .this place looks great. (I checked out their site:


          And it turns out it's only 6 miles from home!