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Feb 11, 2011 11:31 AM

Anything good in the Palmdale area?

Looks like about the end of March to visit the area for a few days follwed by a few more in the I.E. which I am more familiar with.

Any help with the Palmdale area is greatly appreciated. It will actually be a small group traveling.

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  1. Large Indian professional population out there - there is an Indian market restaurant run by a charming couple that has an interesting buffet menu - very casual, not too tidy place but their heart is in the right place plus they have every Indian grocery item you would ever want if you want to pick up some supplies too. Look for the Indian grocery on google and you may be able to find the name of the restaurant. I think it was Masala Magic in Lancaster, but not sure.

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      Thot Masala Magic had closed. Anyone confirm or deny???