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Anything decent near the Science Centre?

We have a membership, and I have a baby and a three-year old. Is there anything beside Sunny's foodmart or McDonald's that's at least sort of near the Science Centre and preferably kid-friendly?

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  1. there's other similar threads that you can search for that will be more comprehensive, but off the top of my head:

    iqbal's and bamiyan kebab might work just because they're so casual that young children won't likely be an issue. question is if your kids will like the food. if the jccc's tuck shop is open it's a very affordable meal and they have a dining area for you to sit in, there either will be no one to bother or kids taking lessons in the gym. you could head in the opposite direction towards laird and there are a few options in the giant plaza mall or perhaps the fish and chips place on laird called olde york.

    1. At the Shops at Don Mills, there's a South Street Burger that doesn't get packed. Swiss Chalet on Don Mills north of Eglinton is an option. And there's Congee Queen in that same plaza.

      Congee Queen
      895 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M3C3L2, CA

      1. Hey, we have the same family! After we go to the Science Centre, we often go a bit further north to Island Foods (just north of Lawrence); it's fast-food style, so no waiting, which is great when you're hungry. In the same plaza is Gonoe Sushi, which is also very good. Both restaurants have been more than accommodating to our family.

        1310 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3B2W6, CA

        1. There's a Swiss Chalet on Overlea across from East York Town Centre.
          As mentioned, Iqbal and Bamiyan are in that area, too. There's also Afghan Village in the mall across from the Science Centre.

          Nando's for chicken at Brentcliffe and Eglinton, Olde Yorke Fish and Chips or Golden Griddle on Laird south of Eglinton. South Street Burgers in the Smart Centres Mall.

          Olde Yorke
          96 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G3V3, CA

          Afghan Village
          747 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1T2, CA

          1. If you don't feel like bundling up the little ones for an extra trip, the food in the science centre basement cafe is quite decent - a large range of options, healthy and otherwise and you get a 10% discount with your membership. The room is large, airy and bright with huge windows looking out into the woods. It's a nice way to break up the visit and obviously, uber kid friendly.

            1. if its not a sunday, take a drive south on Don Mills to O'Connor and turn south onto Pape.
              Folia Grill's about a 4-5 min drive from the science centre. read the reviews.

              Folia Grill
              1031 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA

              1. i should also add that Congee Star and Congee Queen are 3-4 min north on Don Mills and Wynford if you like chinese (not north american chinese....more for congee)

                Congee Queen
                895 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M3C3L2, CA

                Congee Star
                900 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1V6, CA

                1. I would recommend Bamiyan Kabob on Overlea: http://www.bamiyankabob.com/index.php.... A bit cafeteria-like and very busy, but tasty food, hearty and good value.

                  Bamiyan Kabob
                  62 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON M4H1C4, CA

                  1. how about the teppanyaki place at DM and Greenbelt They might both find it exciting.

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                      Go east on Eglinton about 10 minutes to the Golden Mile plaza and try Watts restaurant. Clean, friendly and not expensive.

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                        I thought Watts was inside Eglinton Square mall, not at the Golden Mile (across the street with the big No Frills):


                        All I remember of Watts (when I used to live in the area) is, under 60 not welcome.... hell, my parents are in their 60's and won't go in there!

                        1. re: TexSquared

                          Watts is in Eglinton Square. Beau and I joke that we don't have to worry if we embarrass ourselves at Watts. The patrons are so old we'll never see any of them twice. 60? Your folks would be youngsters. And the food is nursing home lame, though that's an insult to nursing homes.

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                            I know, those nursing home shuttle buses parked out back all the time are keeping that mall in business. Otherwise Eglinton Square would have been a deadmalls.com feature a long time ago. The mall has got to give the medical offices a discount on rent, and must give kickbacks to the shuttle bus drivers...

                            About the only store worth visiting in that place is Mrs. Bridges British Bakery but since I live in Pickering we have But N Ben which is even better.

                    2. Caribbean Palms in the Flemingdon Plaza (almost across the street from the Science Centre) serves tasty roti, jerk chicken and other delights...very kid friendly and enjoyable food.

                      Caribbean Palms
                      747 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1T2, CA

                      1. There's also Korean at the Galleria market, just opened up not too long ago on York Mills, just west of Don Mills. Big eating area food court style (open kitchen concept), kids can run around with plenty big screen tv's playing various shows to keep them entertained.

                        1. The short answer is no, not really. There's certainly nothing really walking distance. Driving to a place means taking time away from the Science Centre. If you can actually take in even a fraction of the place in less than a day, you're a better woman than I. As mentioned, the cafe is just fine for kids and less stress for mom. Enjoy!

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                            As Googs has suggested, the cafe in the Science Centre is quite acceptable, and infinitely less aggravation when in the company of tots. It'd be a no-brainer for me. Though if you want a little more culinary adventure, and don't mind driving five minutes almost around the corner from the Centre, Bamiyan Kabob's Afghan zing will do the job nicely. Always busy when I've been there - with lots of local families with kids in tow - and quick counter service. Limited menu, lively atmosphere. Easy parking in the plaza. I'm partial to the spicy kofta kabob, which might be a tad exotic for kids. But just let them pick what they want off your plate - the rice and salad are both tasty - and you'll all be happy.

                            I've never found Caribbean Palms, almost diagonally across from the Centre, to be up to much. It's also kinda dreary, as is the entire plaza . And the food court in the Galleria Korean market, which may be good (I've never been), isn't what I'd call close. It's at least a l5-minute drive from York Mills Rd. to the Centre, more like 20 if the traffic's lousy (as it invariably is nowadays).

                            1. re: juno

                              re: Galleria and far drive... 2 kids + driver = Don Mills HOV lane! :)