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Feb 11, 2011 10:48 AM

Framboises: Kosher? Other Suggestions for Kosher Liquor for Gifting?

Hi. My husband loves raspberries, and I usually try to buy fresh ones for Valentines Day.

However, I need a special present for him.
Is the raspberry liquor Framboises kosher? (I doubt it: husband had to give up Campari years ago)

Does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge about kosher liquors?
Please note: We have a 23-year old bottle of Sabra.

Thanks very much, p.j. (who is still trying to find kosher sherry: tino pepe no longer kosher )

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    1. re: ferret

      Thanks, Ferret. I always forget about checking the CRC. Apparently only flavored vodkas are available. Not quite the same, but....

      Not a single sherry on the list. Bwah!
      Shabbat shalom, plj.


      The London Beit Din seems to approve of a number of them.

      1. If you are discussing eau de vie, then Framboise is questionable. As a soft fruit, it is made by macerating raspberries in a neutral spirit, then distilling and bottling the result to make a brandy flavored by the distilled essence of rapberries. this is as opposed to hard fruit brandies, which are produced by distilling the fermented mash of those fruits. Chances are the original alcohol source is brandy, and as such would typically not be kosher.

        If you are discussing sweetened liqueurs, then the primary alcohol source can be brandy, grain spirits eau de vie framboise, to which raspberry and other flavors, together with sweetener, could be added. Definitely potentially problematic. There are probably kosher brands and nonkosher brands.

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        1. re: ganeden

          Thanks for the explanation, ganeden.
          Shavuah tov, p.j.

        2. Amaretto (almond) and Frangelico (hazelnut) are both kosher as are some Godiva and Starbucks liquors, I believe. There are also some very fancy and expensive whiskeys and tequilas that will make a good impression. Cherry Heering is also kosher and actually tastes like cherry.

          If you have your heart set on raspberries,you could make a batch of frozen daiquiris or margaritas. Basically it's a smoothie with some added sugar or simple syrup and lemon and then either tequila or rum. We have a beach where we live, but you could set some lawn chairs or a beach towel up in your den...

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          1. re: SoCal Mother

            let's not forget Sabra and Moshe Shikkar (I wonder if this liquor is still around)

            1. re: berel

              The Sabra coffee is not very good. I actually like the Stock brand coffee from Israel, but they don't export it so you have to find someone to bring it to you.

            2. re: SoCal Mother

              At KosherFest, Ed Hardy Tequilah was certified kosher by the OU... I tasted it, and it was pretty darn good tequilah, and would make an excellent gift!

              1. re: DaveyCrocPot

                Thanks, Davey. I will check into that. I do like Margaritas.

              2. re: SoCal Mother

                When I saw this thread I remembered at my friend's Bar Mitzvah MANY, MANY years ago trying Cherry Heering. Loved it then, still do. Actually waiting for a promised belated birthday gift of it as I type.

              3. Several raspberry varieties of the DeKuyper brand, and many other varieties, are listed on the OU website.