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Feb 11, 2011 10:47 AM

Where to buy Lancashire Cheese?

Where can I buy lancashire cheese in the LA area?

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  1. No help with where to find lancashire cheese? CH are letting me down.

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    1. re: reality check

      Not sure if they still do but Trader Joes used to carry it.

    2. The Beverly Hills Cheese Store

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      1. re: miwine

        Thanks, but from their website, they do not carry lancashire cheese.

        Any other suggestions?

        1. re: reality check

          Whole Foods has a good British cheese section.

          1. re: mnosyne

            Maybe I should have included that in my original post, but I've been to Whole Foods and wasn't able to find lancashire cheese.

            1. re: reality check

              Another suggestion: Andrew's Cheese on Montana in Santa Monica; he recommends something called "Kirklands" lancashire in an article in LAWeekly.