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Feb 11, 2011 10:03 AM

Mishloach Manot

My husband needs to order high end shalach manos for some clients and colleagues. Do you guys have any suggestions of a good website for that kind of thing? We were thinking of Oh Nuts but I'm sure there are other good places too. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I know of a place in queens, ny that makes upscale baskets, and I know personally that they are very nice...the name of the company is Food For Thought, and the website \is:, but the site isn't working, try calling: 718-261-6696, hope that helps, enjoy

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      I have tried some of Zelda's baked goods and they are fabulous, so I am sure they would make great baskets. There is also a company in NY called that does higher end stuff and they are creative, check them out too.


      They have a broad range of offerings (not just the Purim page). Give them a price range and they'll work with you.

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          thanks so much. We saw a good friend in shul on Friday night who also recommended Zelda's so we are probably going with them.

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            I have ordered from and they are original & creative.


        I had some of their cookies and they were delicious! Really top stuff.

        1. Another one I thought would be Riki's Cookies out of Memphis - excellent baked goods and I am sure would do a Shaloch Manos gift package -

          1. Food for Thought makes beautiful upscale baskets and you join their Facebook Group to see pictures