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Resto near TIFF Bell Lightbox for tomorrow Sat Feb 12

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Suddenly realize that many couples will be celebrating Valentines on Sat night and might be difficult to get 3 seats in a resto nearby around 6:30, Any suggestions for reasonably priced where I might try first??

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  1. Have you tried any of the resto's in the Bell Lightbox? There's Canteen for casual, and Luma for fancier.

    Across the street is Grindhouse, if you want burgers. They make all their own stuff - patties, bread, condiments.

    Depends on what kind of food you're looking for.

    330 King St W, Toronto, ON , CA

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      Lightbox's restos totally booked. But I might check out Marben, thanks!

      488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

    2. Marben is also close by and I continue to hear good things about the new menu.

      488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

      1. Milagro is just down the street, at John and Mercer.

        1. Would recommend Victor Restaurant in the Le Germain hotel on Mercer (1 block south of TIFF) I like their menu, they have the option to do a "Taste of Toronto" menu and it's hip in there.
          Prices are moderate for the area.

          1. i'm not fond of canteen nor grindhouse and you seem to have picked marben, but if you were interested in some other options then here are some thoughts:

            khao san road just north of the light box for some thai. the chef is from the northern area and so the menu might have some fun new things for you to try.

            toshi sushi which i don't really get sushi at but adore their cooked special dishes. it's essentially old school izakaya styles. other people do quite enjoy their sushi.

            if i were to eat sushi then i'd go to yuzu. i tend to order a la carte these days and have been enjoying it a lot more.

            the one that got away is more than a chip shop, they also offer sandwiches and platters. i quite like it though i do think their sandwiches could use some tweaking.

            then buca if i had cash to spare. they might be fully booked up but i've enjoyed my meals at the bar quite a bit any way.

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              Thanks! Hadn't settled on Marben at all, and I like your ideas!

              488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

            2. Khao San Road is in that neighborhood.

              Khao San Road
              326 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7, CA

              1. Went to canteen before a film at the bell lightbox. I ordered the chicken and maple bacon panini. It was terrible. The bacon was burnt and they put too much of the apple mayo on it so it was like a mush of chicken and burnt bacon in a toasted panini bun. My friend had the Mac and cheese. There was nothing special about it and I have made better at home. The only thing I enjoyed here was their ginger lemonade which was 5.00 for a 250 mL serving. Weak - very weak. Service was okay but awkward at times - for example, the server collected our plates when we finished but didn't ask until 15 mins later if we wanted dessert. I would not go back to canteen. I should have went with my gut and changed to paese but someone else had reccommended canteen.