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Supermarket chicken harbours superbugs: CBC

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For those in Canada and some along the border in the US that have access, check it out tonight.

"Chicken bought at major supermarkets across Canada is frequently contaminated with superbugs — bacteria that many antibiotics cannot kill — an investigation by CBC TV's Marketplace has found."

"For Canadians who think they're safe by purchasing organic chicken or buying chicken raised without the use of antibiotics, Marketplace turned up results in its sampling that might surprise those consumers, too."

Curious to see what they have to say about chicken not raised with antibiotics.

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  1. Interesting, it seems that even organic chickens are not fully free of anti-biotics as the eggs they buy to hatch their chicks already have anti-biotics in them. The Charlevoix farmer was very concerned with this.

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      Response from the Chicken industry. The Marketplace report about the use of antibiotics did make it to the House of Commons. Canada currently has no limit on how much antibiotics can be used. Europe does not allow the use of antibiotics.