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Feb 11, 2011 07:52 AM

Visiting Montreal - need recommendations for local bistros and brunch

Howdy Montreal chowhounders. My husband and I will be visiting Montreal this weekend for a wedding anniversary and Valentine's long weekend. We've been to Montreal a couple of times. Will be going back to Chasse et Peche for dinner tonight and Piment Rouge for dinner tomorrow night for our two celebrations. We've also done some of the tourist circuit - Pied de Cochon, Schwartz's, etc, but looking for other tasty bistro / local cuisine recommendations that are popular with local chowhounders and, frankly, not as heavy on fat and high cholesterol items for their specialties (we have lots of that in Texas...), maybe with more balance on the menu with other food groups - fish, poultry, vegetables. We're splurging at Chasse et Peche and Piment Rouge, so our budget limit for Sunday and Monday nights is in the upper-mid range (under $40 per person per meal). Also, any good recommendations for a bistro style brunch (not looking for diner style or American style like Eggspectations)? Thanks for the help.

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  1. By Bistro style brunch, I understand it to mean, not traditionnal two eggs bacon, or piles of pancakes. If so, try out those:
    Lemeac on Laurier
    M sur Masson (very good, but not a very touristy area at all)
    Byblos is not Bistro style, but different, with Middle eastern offering. Their Feta omelette is to die for.
    Since you said brunch, I'm not mentionning the many options where you can get a coffee and a croissant.

    For other meals, if your $40 doesn't include wine (if it does, good luck), les Trois Petits Bouchons is very good and probably within that range. Also, I was recently impressed by Le Comptoir on St-Laurent (but make sure to reserve in both cases, very popular). Maybe not what you had in mind for Bistro/local, but Le Petit Alep is also very good and not expensive. Again, not a very touristy area, but it is right in front of Marché Jean-Talon, so if you are interesting in going through that (altough less interesting in Winter, as it is smaller).

    1. If I may suggest something completely different, A Beira Mar on St Martin in Laval does a really different type of brunch on sundays. I went last week end and was completely overwhelmed with the the tasty choices. You order from a long list and they keep bringing it to your table. We had fruits, bread, pancakes and a muffin for the little one, while I had grilled chicken, sardines, pork roast (bifana) deep fried cod ( SO GOOD, my favorite part I think) potatoes with sausages and salad, as well as an amazing flan for dessert with cute little designs on the plate. They also have seafood pasta and paella as well as regular bacon and eggs, but I didn't order that. It isnt for the faint of heart (fish for brunch) but if you like something different go for it, you wont regret it.

      Beira Mar
      4355 Boul Saint-Martin W, Laval, QC H7T1C5, CA

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. We reserved at Lemeac for Sun. brunch and Trois Petits Bouchons for Mon. late dinner - they were fully booked until 9:30pm.

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          you HAVE to hit L'Avenue for breakfast!!!

          1. re: AubWah

            you want to go to L'Avenue to wait in line for a long time.

            IMO, it's not worth it for food.

            1. re: Maximilien

              Yeah, it's a scene. I don't it's particularly chowish, It's also not what the OP is looking for.

        2. Griffontown for Brunch... awesome
          Mas Cuisine for the balance you are looking for... If you guys like haute cuisine I would suggest DNA. Really my favorite and you can try at least one thing you probably have not tried before.
          Also consider Mckiernon (hope I spelt it properly) for brunch on a saturday... Often is great

          Mas Cuisine
          3779 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G, CA

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            Are you referring to Griffintown Cafe?


            Do you know what time they serve till on Saturdays? I am going to be in that area in two weeks on a Saturday, might have a late brunch there...

            Oh, the info doesn't show on the English site but on the French side of it it shows the hours, looks like 3pm on Saturdays for Brunch? What items in particular would you recommend.

            I went last year to this area for the tour they had for the "Hightlights" festival, really neat area . I am visiting again from Toronto this year and what to show my travel companion the area again.

            BTW, for OP, there larger festival starts this weekend:


            A bunch of food related events too, worth while checking out!