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Feb 11, 2011 06:11 AM

Has anyone been to the Broad Axe Tavern lately?

My husband and I have a very rare date night planned for this Saturday and while I want to be a bit more adeventurous, he wants to stay closer to home and suggested going to the Broad Axe, given its Valentine's weekend its actually one of the few restaurants with a reservation available at a normal dinner time (not sure if thats a good sign or not). Back when they first opened, there were a number of mixed reviews (trending towards the negative) about the place. Has anyone been lately? I wonder if it got beter? Since we so rarely get to go out just the two of us I want to make sure we have a good experience!

Since he wants to stay local, there are a number of other good spots I want to try - Parc Bistro, Radice, Brasserie 73, Roadhouse, etc. - but all are booked at the times we need!

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  1. I haven't been there in ages, but the Broad Axe isn't the kind of place that I would go for Valentine's Day.

    What about 19 Bella?

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      Mitch, you are a life saver! I had never even heard of them before. I checked out the menu and it looks fantastic, exactly the type of place my husband and I love! I just made a reservation!

          1. re: crazyspice

            Will do! This will only be our third date night since my daughter was born.. 18 mos ago!!! Everytime we make plans something gets in the way. I am so looking forward to this, I have been obsessively looking at the 19 Bella menu online since I made the reservation! So excited!!!

            1. re: AmblerGirl

              How was dinner? If I can get a reservation I think I am going there Saturday night.

              1. re: mitchh

                We did finally make it to 19 Bella, thanks again for the rec Mitch. Overall it was good but there were lots of highs and lows. We did the chef tasting menu and there were some hits (cioppino with handmade pasta, fabulous lobster bisque, asparagus with some of the best bernaise sauce I have ever tasted, a creamy coconut flan). There were some misses too (thai meatballs with an odd texture that were completely out of place in the order of the meal, burned brussel sprouts). Our server was great but there was a complete air of chaos in the restaurant, tables were packed too tightly, the manager was running ariound looking harried. There is alot of potential, I am not sure how long they have been around but it seemed like they were having a few growing pains still.

        1. re: mitchh

          Looks very nice..yes, please let us know. close enough for me to take a ride over for lunch from Phoenixville one of these days!