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Feb 11, 2011 05:55 AM

Has anyone had any experience with KitchenAid Cast Iron Cookware.

Came across a KitchenAid Cast Iron Oval Dish 3.5 quart. I'm in the market for something like this but have no experience with this brand. Any ideas??

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  1. I have several of them at the fraction of the cost of LC and they work great and clean up nice

    1. I recently bought a round Kitchenaid 3.5 qt., on clearance at one of the TJX stores. It's a perfect size to make no-knead bread and the stainless and silicone handle is safe to 500 degrees. Like most of the Chinese-made le Creuset competitors it's thicker walled, and thus heavier, than the same size LC but in a 3.5 qt. size that may not be much of an issue.

      I have a smooth-top ceran electric stove. I made polenta in the new pot the other day and it took a long time to bring the water to a boil; I could hear the element clicking on and off quite frequently. I know this is a safety feature but I've never noticed it happening to this degree with other cookware. I don't know if it's a factor of the weight of the iron pot or something else. I use my 7 qt. LC (on a bigger burner) frequently and don't remember the same phenomenon, but I'll have to pay closer attention.

      In any case, I think the KitchenAid pots are nicely designed. Time will tell if they show any excessive chipping or other problems, but so far so good.

      1. Thanks for the information . I figure $30 for a 3.5 quart is not much if it turns out less than ideal. Looking to make some braised meats and a recipe that looks fantastic from Leite's Culinaria.