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Feb 11, 2011 05:23 AM

Frozen seafood mix – need help

Last week I bought 2 Lb bag of frozen seafood mix because it looked so good. Lots of squid rings and tentacles, clams, small slabs of cuttlefish etc.
I know that all these have to be cooked real fast, about 3 minutes or slow and long. How would you cook it in risotto and stir fry? I have already moved about 1-1/2 cups from freezer to fridge. Now what?

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  1. I would season and sear them off in a hot pan to get some color and flavor on the outside. Briefly! Then, add add to the risotto during the last few minutes of cooking to cook through.

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      I cook with squids a lot when I do Chinese fry but when there are clams and thick slabs of cuttlefish it sort of threw me off. I was actually thinking of separate each ingrediant and cook separately and then combine at last minute. I'm retired, I have time :)

    2. For stir fry I would follow monavano's hot pan season and sear suggestion, but for risotto, just add them right at the end, under a minute is all it takes for your variety of thawed seafood mix, no need to precook.

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        For risotto I was thinking to add a bit of sea salt, white pepper and mashed garlic as a marinade. It should flavore it a bit, I think. Also, I guess that they better be at room temperature.

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          Actually, I do squid or sea-scallops risotto rather often. Like monavano, I like searing the seafood briefly, just for the flavor and the modest bit of fond it brings to the dish. Then I make the risotto in that pot and return the seafood at the end to cook in residual heat.

          Using mixed seafood could present problems in a risotto, however, as you can't cook squid the same way you'd cook clams or even scallops. Squid needs either very quick or very long cooking.

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            Exactly, Bada Bing! The squids are tricky. I might do what I told monavano, I will separate them. It's not like I'll be using whole bag, I cook for 2 people and since this would make lousy leftover I will cook less then usual.
            Thank you all for great ideas.

        2. I keep thinking about buying one of those bags and doing hotpot with it!

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          1. re: tzurriz

            Great idea, tzurriz! Cook it slow and long, except the shrimp I think, and they would all come out nice and soft. If you do it let me know how it came out.

          2. I found this the other day and thought it looked like just the thing for those frozen mixes.

            I haven't had a chance to try it yet though.

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            1. yes yes...Maangchi uses the seafood mix in her soon dubu jigae...a molten stew of mixed seafood, KOREAN tofu and *hot* spices...I've made that dish and it's great NEED to buy the Korean tofu in a tube, not the squares...very important. Thanks Jerry K! Love that little Emily Kim...she is the REAL deal!
              And I'm shamelessly adding her soon dubu video link...that stock she makes is so very delish:


            2. I've only used the seafood mix from Trader Joe's. Its OK, but it releases a lot of water. I briefly boil the mix first to get the water out, then add it at the last minute to whatever dish I am making.

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              1. re: EricMM

                That doesn’t sound very tasty. My brand is from Canadian company OcenPrime but then again they could get it from Thailand or China. I have decided on home made fresh fettuccine with seafood mix in a béchamel sauce. I’m just going to very briefly blanch the mix in white wine and then toss them in hot béchamel sauce. I’ll post results later tonight or tomorrow.
                Thank you all for great tips.