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Ship Out Of Luck!

We are members of the Mount Vernon At The Ship in Lynnfield E-Club. They send our regular E-Mails offering special deals to its loyal customers. On their website, + their E-Mails, they offered A Dinner for Two Thursday night special of Extra Thick Pork Chops, complete with salad and dessert for $20.99.
When we sat down, the waiter curtly said they were substituing Pork Loin. They had the Pork Chops at $18.99 each. We left. The Ship was like a Ghost Town. Hardly anyone there. This location has been difficult for many restaurants. If Mount Vernon treats its loyal customers this way, will it be next to go by the wayside? We won't go back.

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  1. I've never eaten there, because when we went, the host NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED WE WERE STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!! I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on. He was very involved with a server who was being questioned as to what had happened to a glass of wine! Right in front of us! Very weird scene.

    1. I still remember hearing the prior ownership give an interview on a local radio show - at the conclusion of their bit, they made sure to say "Don't worry if you see a lot of cars in the parking lot, they're all at the christmas tree shop."

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      1. Wow.

        Bait N Switch, caught red-handed.

        The chutzpah in offering the thing that was replaced a la carte!

        1. FWIW, should have gone to Vinny's and had their ex thick pork chop with vinegar peppers for less than $20. and it's excellent.

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            the thick pork chop is a lot better at Vinny's but it's not under $20 any more....it *is* enough for two people if not more. the Mount Vernon special is advertised for two people. Mount Vernon food is terrible. Some of the newer appetizers are ok at the Somerville location. I go there because I live nearby and need some time away from my family...for that,the $4.95 tuna sandwich can't be beat!

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              Haven't orderd it in a while, even if it's over $20 it's well worth it. Yes, I could never finish it which makes it a better deal cause I'd get 2 meals out of it. As for MV...just meh.

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                I like it even better with the garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables, than with the pasta.

          2. That place has been around since I was a kid and it appears to be one of those cursed restaurant locations. As a kid, I always wanted to eat there and my parents always refused so I cannot speak to the food. I am amazed that it has survived all this time as a ship and that people are still willing to take a chance on it both as entrepreneurs and as patrons.

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              Actually, in the late 70's early 80's it was quite the place, then it spiriled downhill, al la Anthony's Pier 4 and Jimmy's Harborside.

            2. The reason none of these restaurants don't make it at this location is simple... they really don't understand who their clientele are- people who shop at the Christmas Tree Shoppes do not want to pay $20 for ANY MEAL. They are people looking for INEXPENSIVE and none of the restaurants that have inhabited this location since the renovation have seem to understand this point. This restaurant will not draw clientele from anywhere but the shoppers at the store next door... No one from Lynnfield/Saugus/Melrose or Malden are going to head there for dinner unless they are shopping next door. If simple homemade pub/italian/burgers or such faire were offered around $6.00-9.00 per entree they may have a better shot at making it. I love to eat out and I will not pay $20 for pork chops anywhere...

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                That location is not an alternative to Donatello's, but Kelly's.

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                  I get it totally, but the offer was for $20 pork chops for 2, so $10 each.