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Feb 11, 2011 04:06 AM

good espresso, Lafayatte Square area

Sorry for another annoying, location-specific, stupid tourist post, but here goes anyway: where to get quality coffee in the Lafayette Square area? I mean a properly made espresso, not a watery, chain-coffeehouse superautomatic dummy shot. Thanks in advance, y'all. (My hubby suffers separation anxiety when away from his coffee machine, so this info will improve my vacation considerably.)

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  1. That's easy. M.E. Swing. 1702 G St. NW. To the west of the White House and Old Executive Office building. They roast their own beans.

    On the north side you're screwed.

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    1. re: Raids

      Definitely Swing's. Gets a little crowded between 7 and 8 a.m. There's also a Caribou at 17th and Penn.

      1. re: flavrmeistr

        Agreed that Caribou is totally acceptable. I really *wanted* to like Saxby's but half the time the barista there just doesn't have a clue.

    2. I'd for sure send you to Cafe du Parc (it's east of WH/Treasury on Penn Ave, in the Willard Hotel). A little inconsistent (and not cheap), but a perfect spot, especially for a (sophisticated) tourist. (Swings is cool, and I bet you're more likely to see WH staff there, though.)

      I don't know if you can get coffee in, say, the Hay Adams hotel (that's right on the north side of the Square).