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Feb 10, 2011 10:59 PM

[Daily Deal for Fri, Feb. 11] $50 for $150 towards The Butchers (again!)


"$50 for $150 worth of the highest quality organic and naturally raised meat, hot prepared foods, organic produce and more from The Butchers."

You know, at some point, I feel like It's going to be free to shop there, as they keep increasing the discount.

Still. It's a good discount!! Coupon expires in a year.

You have until Sunday evening to make up your mind, and the deal will be done.

  1. That's an amazing deal, I wonder why they would have this sale after the one they had so recently.

    1. Last time was $40 for $100, now $50 for $150. Thousands were sold before at different sites already. Can't understand. Organic meat getting cheaper and cheaper???

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      1. re: ace123

        I see this as signs of a desperate business trying to promote themselves. I can't imagine their margin is getting better so obviously they'll just jack up the prices to compensate.

        1. re: Gribiche

          I agree with your analysis, Gribiche. I was there fairly near closing on Saturday. There was very little to be found in their normally well-stocked display fridges. Marlon had to grind some fresh lean beef for my burgers (not necessarily a bad thing), and I did use a coupon for my purchase.

        2. re: ace123

          From a financial perspective the cash-in-hand becomes addictive to these businesses.

          There's a promise of thousands of dollars upfront with the possibility that some of these coupons will never be redeemed.

          As of 11:30AM there are 300 sold @ $50 = $15,000. Obviously a percentage goes to the middleman (Webpiggy) and the rest to The Butchers. So even if it's a ridiculous commission like 35% - The Butchers still has $10,000 cash in hand.

          That kind of cash is addictive. Wouldn't surprise me if you keep seeing them do this...

          1. re: pakmode

            I can see that. And, aren't they opening a new store? Maybe they figure this would be a good way to finance it... But Isn't there some kind of looming pay-back if they didn't do their math right? I suppose as long as you check that the coupon service is good about refunding money from businesses gone bust, you should be covered!

            1. re: jlunar

              Yea as long as they aren't over-leveraged it should be okay. Even financing the new store would work unless obviously cash and customers stop coming in.

            2. re: pakmode

              I was reading recently that these group buy websites take 50%. That is a big bite.

              Typically, businesses do these group buys on higher margin items, but this is a general coupon good for anything.

              Maybe organic meat is getting cheaper?

              1. re: dmartins123

                Wow. 50% ??
                That's crazy....

                What's even crazier is I just looked at Webpiggy right now and they have sold 1300 as of Day 2. 1300 @ $50 = $65,000. If they were stupid enough to go 50/50 with Webpiggy that's $32,500 cash in hand.

                This is getting Madoff-esque...

                1. re: pakmode

                  You might want to do some basic research before casting such aspersions. The coupon business is very competitive, so the commissions are no where near 50%. Butchers generally have to pay cash on the barrel head to suppliers, so getting paid up front from customers through something like this saves around 10% in carrying costs off the bottom line., which increases when customers take time to use the full value of the coupon.

                  1. re: Snarf

                    A few weeks ago I listened to a discussion of the Groupon phenomenon on National Public Radio. Mention was made of the problems that some restaurants face when their Groupon offers are TOO successful. Yes, the business and Groupon split the coupon 50/50. So if a restaurant offers a groupon deal of $100 worth of dining for $50, it only nets $25. Management has to be pretty sure most buyers will order well over $100 worth of food or the offer will drive them deeply into the red.

          2. What do they do well there? I have a coupon, just waiting until I have to go north for some reason.

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            1. re: childofthestorm

              They have great sales on coupons. Maybe you can buy a $20 for $100 coupon with part of your coupon?

            2. I just used one of my coupons I bought back in December. I picked up about a $160 in meat, about half of which was four nicely marbled striploin steaks at $26.99/lb (not cheap, but similar in price to Bruno's top end cuts and Cumbrae's). Cooked a couple up in the cast iron skillet tonight and I must say that they were really excellent, with great flavour and texture.

              Pork tenderloins were $7.99/lb. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $11.99/lb. I also picked up some bone-in pork chops, but I can't recall the price. Given my experience with the steaks tonight, I'll likely go pick up a couple of more webpiggy coupons. Thank goodness for my vacuum sealer and chest freezer!

              481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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              1. re: TorontoJo

                Would I be correct in assuming you have use your $150 at once?

                1. re: CBlake

                  I bet you have to, which kinda sucks because I dont have all that much freezer space!

                  It would be great to buy for a barbecue or something, but $150 can be a lot of meat. Then again, it could be very little, something tells me these guys have a high mark-up on their products and are resorting to deals like this to trick us thinking we are getting a steal. I could be wrong, maybe organic meats arent that expensive, but there are over 900 people that bought this coupon so far, so that tells me something is up.

                  Its almost like they are having a clearance sale, maybe like someone said these guys just really want that cash up front. I bet there will be more then a few of those 900 people that wont use their coupon for whatever reason. I just dont see how their business can be profitable by offering their goods at 1/3 the price.

                  1. re: CBlake

                    Actually, no, you don't have to use it all at once. The woman before me got a brisket and asked if the remaining value on her coupon could be used as credit. They said yes. I have no idea how they track it, but there you go.

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      Oh, that's great to know, TorontoJo. I've purchased a few of these from previous 'deals' and my concern was having to purchase too much at once. I think I'll go in today and try that approach.

                      1. re: Yongeman

                        So I went to The Butcher's today with one of the older coupons ($50 for $100). I had my order up to $46 and asked if I had to spend the whole coupon. The outcome was that they wrote the amount I'd spent and the amount remaining ($54) right on the coupon. No need for a huge freezer order. I'm happy and will probably buy some of the even deeper-discounted coupons.

                      2. re: TorontoJo

                        do u remember how much the entire brisket is? i may get one for the summer to smoke...

                        the deal seems to have been extended by another day as well

                        1. re: Pigurd

                          I'm sorry, I didn't catch how much the brisket was! All I know is that it was less than $100, because the customer asked if she could use the rest later.

                    2. re: TorontoJo

                      Thanks for the review TorontoJo - that's all I needed to decide it was time to buy a coupon. I was holding off as I am having a hard time figuring out how they can afford to run a deal like that. But what the heck, in the slim chance they close I'm only down $50.

                        1. re: callitasicit

                          I don't really know, but if not I expect that I should be able to get a refund from VISA.

                          1. re: foodyDudey

                            Webpiggy is legit, I bought their Burger Priest coupons and they worked very, very well. wish i bought more then 4!

                            And thats a good question, if this place sells a thousand coupons and then goes out of business, what happens to the customers?? It sounds like some kind of scheme if thats the case, but if you get the coupon and act fast, atleast you get a good deal.

                            1. re: jmarcroyal

                              Depends on the coupon dealer. Some dealers like Dealfind give refunds if the business goes out of business. I know this bc I requested and received a refund from that company.

                              1. re: chocabot

                                Webpiggy's website states that they will give a full refund if the retailer goes out of business. We've bought two coupons!

                    3. Anyone know if they dry age their meat?

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                      1. re: Helen

                        I think they have dry aged meat. I think I saw it mentioned in another forum but not 100% sure.

                        1. re: ylsf

                          They do dry age - sort of. They dry age for 3 weeks, then wet age, which for me kind of defeats the purpose and I wrinkled my nose a bit. He quickly added that they can do a special order of whatever I want - if I want, say, a prime rib roast dry-aged only for 45 days, all I have to do is ask.

                          I was in there on the weekend, bought a whole organic chicken at $6.99 pound, which is certainly pricey but not in the realm of outrageous. It's a $22 chicken, but with my discount more like $10 which is good value. Cooking it tomorrow night. But they do big business in game meats ranging from bison and quail and venison to more esoteric stuff like alligator. I was told best time to place an order for that stuff is to call on Thursday morning for a weekend pickup. Also, I was there on Sunday afternoon and the store was pretty picked through, and I was advised to come in Saturday morning early when they are full stocked. Oh, and last point on coupon logistics, I only bought $30 out of my $100 coupon and they just stapled the receipt to the coupon and wrote that I still had a $70 credit. Which was great.

                          Met the owner Marlon and the head butcher Eric - he's the guy you ask to speak with for special orders - and they were very nice guys. Staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. I dunno, I got a good vibe from the place, and will be calling on Thursday to do a special order on some venison.

                          1. re: childofthestorm

                            If they are just writing on your coupon the balance remaining, what stops you from just reprinting a clean, fresh coupon? For their business' sake, I hope they are tracking the coupons internally too, so no one double dips...

                            1. re: shocked

                              The coupons are numbered, which may help.

                              1. re: Yongeman

                                Has anyone frequented the Promenade location?

                                1. re: callitasicit

                                  The Promenade location is no longer in the website.

                                  1. re: ace123

                                    Damn, I guess I will have to go into Toronto to use my coupon.

                            2. re: childofthestorm

                              Can you please post the venison pricing or any other pricing when you find out.

                              There is a thread over at Redflagdeals (shopping discussion forum in particular) where someone is keeping track of prices to make sure they don't suddenly "inflate" for coupon users, so, would be nice to know.

                              1. re: ylsf

                                How can they inflate for coupon users? All prices are posted.

                                1. re: Yongeman

                                  Ok, there are reports that prices AREN'T posted and when someone went to ask the price, they were asked if they had a coupon.

                                  Are you sure prices are posted? There's a whole threaded started on Redflag to keep track of prices.

                                  1. re: sbug206

                                    When I went, they had prices posted for everything (and I used a coupon). This was about 2 weeks ago.

                                    1. re: pinkprimp

                                      Was there twice, the last time was last Friday. No price or description for the meat in the glass counter. Only pre-pack items have price.

                                      1. re: ace123

                                        oh wow, I guess they changed it soon after my visit. the only price i remember is that the sirloin burgers were 12.99/lb (and they were terrible btw. too much filler)

                                        the hypothetical question in my head now is: if in fact, some retailers (not saying The Butchers are doing this) are changing their prices to manipulate the profits post-coupon discount, is this something the Competition Bureau would be interested in (as per the deceptive marketing practices provisions)?

                                        1. re: pinkprimp

                                          That's exactly what they're doing. It's already been reported that one person went in and bought pork shoulder at $13 /lb and when they called back in it was $6.99/lb. How else is he giving increasing coupon discounts? First it was $25 for $50 then $40 for $100 and now $50 for $150. It's not as if meat is getting cheaper.

                                          1. re: sbug206

                                            I think we need to check if prices must be shown on products behind the counter, I have the feeling that they must be displayed.

                                          2. re: pinkprimp

                                            Yeah, that is really what I am concerned with, firstly I don't want to get ripped off, second, I don't want to deal with companies that deal with customers like that.

                                            Weird that they would post prices (originally they weren't posted) and then remove them again.

                                            FTD Flowers got busted by consumers on their "groupon" deal. They had a special site for Groupon customers that increased the prices over and above their regular site... geez....

                                            1. re: ylsf

                                              Why don't a few of us go in on Saturday, maybe 30 minutes apart, and check a few prices? I would never expect that they are quoting different prices based on if you use a coupon or not. But if they are truly doing it, people should know about it. Better yet, just get a price on the phone, have them save the product for you and then go in and use the coupon.

                                              1. re: foodyDudey

                                                I called in today to ask for their prices on their game meats, and they instantly asked if I had a coupon and if I did I could only place an order via email because they "Didn't want to hold up the phone lines with coupon customers"

                                                This along with this thread seems like a very fishy way of doing business as they could easily manipulate the prices.

                                                1. re: flying101

                                                  This is a general reply, not just in response to flying101's comments...

                                                  This thread is very disturbing indeed. Sounds to me this place is treating their Groupon promo the way restaurants treat 'Licious (that's been beaten to death so I won't dwell on it). A terrible attitude indeed.

                                                  I hope their management reads this. My wife bought one of their deals but we haven't redeemed it yet. Now that we know their secret, and we thank EVERYBODY for exposing these jerks for what they are, we intend to walk in sometime next month, buy our $100 worth of packaged stuff (so the price is already on the items), and vow never to return.

                                                  For once we try to support a local business rather than do our usual (we almost exclusively stock up on meat on cross-border shopping trips to avoid the cartel pricing in Canada), and this is how they'll thank us? It will be first and last time we'll visit these guys, and we will take our future business where it's been earned --- in the USA. Sam's Club and Wegman's don't jack up the prices 50% when a Canadian shopper walks in the door....

                                                  1. re: TexSquared

                                                    Is fresh from the farm one of these cartels you speak of? How about the good folks that run business' based on buying locally. There are more than enough threads on this board that outline where to buy good beef at reasonable prices that do not come from swift, excel or other large american packers that regularly stock Sams and Wegmans with beef that is untraceable in origin and is most likely jacked up on growth promotants and antibiotics. By all means shop in the USA, just don't say that there is a Canadian Cartel that keeps us from quality, affordable Ontario Beef.

                                              2. re: ylsf

                                                I find this discussion of posted prices a little strange. I've been a semi-regular customer of The Butchers for a couple of years and, as far as I know, prices have always been posted. I was there on Saturday or Sunday and actually didn't notice if they were posted or not. I usually buy the cheaper cuts (ground beef or stewing beef) because we like to eat organic beef, but can't afford the higher-end products. I know that the lean ground beef has been posted at $5.99 and extra-lean at $6.99, having purchased both in the last few months. So there's a benchmark for you in your investigation.

                                        2. re: sbug206

                                          They often don't have prices for EVERYTHING in their glass cases. That's why I never shopped there when I lived closer. I like to comparison shop and I hate having to ask the price for everything I'm interested in. As someone else mentioned the pre-packed things on the shelves do have prices.


                                          1. re: wontonfm

                                            I checked out the store and prices teh morning that I bought my coupon. Almost everything was priced, but at $7 a lb for chicken, I want to make love to it not eat it . So I cancelled the coupon, notwithstanding the discount, on principle.

                                            Reminded me of teh jewellery business where the typical markup is 3 to 5 times, or teh mattress business with enormous reductions during sales , and sales are the norm.

                                            From all of this , I haven't seen posting (but for one) about taste and quality. There is still a difference, other than price, between Manischewitz and Chateau Je Ne Sais Pas.

                                            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                              I would urge that everyone cancel their coupons and let them know the reason why. These kinds of business practices are totally unacceptable.

                                      2. re: ylsf

                                        When i was there last weekend prices were posted on most things but i wasnt paying attention.

                                        Looking back on it $18 for a 1lb pork tenderloin seems a bit much.

                                        All things considered though for $40 I got 2 pounds of bacon, 1 pound of ground chicken, 2 racks of ribs, 2 pounds of stew meat and 1 pork tenderloin.

                                        I have enjoyed everything I have had from there so far and dont feel ripped off...even if the price did change I got solid value for what I paid.

                                        1. re: Benniep

                                          I dont think the game meat counter at the st lawrence market lists prices either, maybe it is like resturants with a "market" price? though, the fact they ask if you have a coupon before giving u a price is a little strange.. did anyone just say they didnt have the coupon, get the price for the items in the store and then show them the coupon? it doesnt say u need to annouce it before purchases...

                                          Here are the prices people listed on redflags:

                                          Lean Ground Beef: $5.99/lb

                                          Extra Lean Ground Beef: $6.99-$7.99/lb

                                          Striploin/Ribeye $25.99-$26.99/lb

                                          NY steaks $25 each 4 week dry aged, 2.5 inch thick(Unsure of weight)

                                          Beef Tenderloin: $27.99-34.99/lb

                                          Stewing Beef: $9.99-$10.99/lb

                                          Veal Chop $21.99/lb

                                          Rack of Lamb: $24.00-39.75 for a rack(Unsure of weight)

                                          Marinated chicken breasts $10.99/lb

                                          Whole Organic Chicken $6.99/lb (About $22 for a Chicken)

                                          Duck marinated $8.99/lb

                                          Pork tenderloins $7.99/lb

                                          Sausage: $5.00-5.50 per or $10.99/lb

                                          Bacon: $9.99/lb

                                          Kangaroo $39.99/lb

                                            1. re: 00CP

                                              $15.99/LB for Lamb Shoulder

                                              1. re: 00CP

                                                I called today to order veal shanks for Osso Buco and asked the price, was told $12.99 lb. I don't think that's exorbitant for the veal.

                                                1. re: Helen

                                                  Are their prepared meals any good because I am planning to buy some with my coupon.

                                                  1. re: Helen

                                                    Are you going to use a coupon to purchase it? Curious if they asked you if you had a coupon?

                                                    1. re: ylsf

                                                      They didn't ask and I'm not going to give my coupon(s) until it comes time to pay:)