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Best non-beverage use for leftover champagne?

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I have about 3/4 of a bottle, dryish. Ideas?

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  1. vinagrette, pan de-glaze, homemade mustard

    1. Scallops in champagne sauce.
      There is a pretty good recipie on this page, along with some other very good ideas for champagne sauces ... you'll love 'em.

      1. There's a cold desert recipe in one of Julia Child's books Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I've made it three times and it's delicious. It is a cream and flavoring and real gelatin confection.

        1. Champagne gelee with strawberries, perfect for Valentine's day

          1. Champagne risotto (Nigella has a recipe)

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              That would have been my suggestion :) Yum!

            2. Shellfish with champgne beurre blanc.

              1. River Cafe Cookbook has a recipe for a champagne risotto with white peaches; a savory. It's amazing.

                1. Anything in which you'd use a dryish white wine. It's useful for its flavor, not its bubbles.

                  1. I'd love to be able to help, but I am unfamiliar with the ingredient. What exactly is leftover champagne?

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                        it's a rare substance, but not to be tossed.

                    1. How about a champagne sabayon?

                      1. Drank some more, used the rest to poach some pears with honey, served with marscapone. Recipe on epicurious, I think. Quite tasty and the pears are great this time of year!

                        1. If I have leftover champagne (rare), I'll reduce it and freeze it to use in sauces in the future. I have a recipe for Chardonnay Cream sauce for fish that's awesome. I can dig it up if you like.

                          1. I have made a champagne cake.

                            1. Champagne cupcakes with champagne frosting is delicious.

                              1. Hugh Carpenter has an amazing Champagne Rice Pilaf. Every time I make it people go nuts. I have it in a cookbook but google is your friend. It is really a yummy recipe.

                                1. Seared Scallops with a Champagne Butter sauce over Basmati Rice.

                                  1C Champagne
                                  2 Shallots finely diced
                                  2T Whipping Cream
                                  4T Unsalted Butter
                                  Squeeze Lemon Juice

                                  Boil Champagne and add shallots, simmer 10 minutes, reduce heat whisk in cream and butter. Garnish with Chives. Oh man.....