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Feb 10, 2011 06:11 PM

martine's bakery

has anyone tried this bakery- by the station in crestwood/tuckahoe. i have gone twice so far and the danish and (yay) jelly doughnuts were excellent but i (surprisingly for me) did not care for their asst'd cookies , and i tried quite a few. they also have very pretty fancier desserts but i stuck to breakfast types.

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  1. They have great pastries. We use them for all the holidays. They also make a to die for red velvet cake!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Since you mentioned it...I picked up a small cake for my sister's birthday on Tuesday. I ordered and paid for it early in the day and arranged to pick it up on my way to the restaurant ( no problem, it will be ready for pick up when you arrive.

          When I arrived at the bakery to pick up the cake it was teeming outside and there was no parking. I pulled into an illegal spot, put the flashers on and ran in to pick up the cake. I asked the girl at the counter if she could retrieve my cake from the case that was in the back (that was incidentally about 4 steps from where she was standing ) she was the same person I ordered the cake with earlier in the day I reminded her of the transaction and stated I was illegally parked, had no umbrella and was anxious to get to the restaurant before my sister arrived as the cake was to be a surprise. Her response to me " I'm the only one here and I am waiting on someone, you will have to wait" (there was one customer in the bakery a woman, sitting at a table) I asked if there was anyone else available to help me and she said no.

          So I went back out in the rain waited for a spot to open up and went back inside to pick up my cake. When I returned there were now three employees behind the counter( one of them either the owner or manager) A shopping bag was sitting on the counter...not a peep out of anyone. If I had had the time I would have had a meltdown. I asked if the bag had my cake in it I was told yes so I grabbed it and left. I suppose they must be taking lessons in customer service from the misrable folks over at enrico's.

          When I got home I called a friend who frequents martine's often, she explained that they have a new policy of taking each customer in order of who is next whether they are ready to order or not. Now I can understand this but sometimes you just need to use your brain and apply common sense.

          BTW, the cake, coconut was ok, very fresh,. I was told it had just come out when I ordered it. Be careful of the items in the case they can have that refrigerator taste.

          1. Salzburg's pastries are pretty stellar. staff has always been decent to me as I to them.

          2. i know they are now open in scarsdale, crestwood i tried several things with mixed results- the cookies looked good but were not. the jelly doughnuts and boston creme were huge and very good, i also thought the danish were marginally better than most

            1. I'm not the only one experiencing problems with Martine's.They got my order wrong for 2 Christmases and then failed to make good on their promise! Last year I let it go; this year, when placing the order in Scarsdale, I specifically said because of last year, please make sure it was right. The order was 45 minutes late, and they checked it while packing, because I again mentioned the problem last year. The shop was not busy that morning (Saturday).Because we were late and they checked the order, I didn't. On Christmas morning we didn't have the raspberry, chocolate and almond meltaways I ordered, but an apple and 2 chocolate - 2 went to waste and I was embarassed because we didn't have any morning pastries for more than half the people there - no one ate apple and many didn't eat chocolate. On Christmas morning, when the owner realized she couldn't fix it because I was in Delaware, and there was no place I could pick anything up, she said she would refund the money for the order. Then, that night for dessert, of the 4 dozen petit fours I ordered, I was shorted 8, and they got the numbers wrong again on the flavors. When I spoke with the owner on Tuesday, she was apologetic; there was no excuse - they were not busy in Scarsdale when we picked up the order and if they had actually checked it as they said they were doing, we could have fixed it before going to Delaware. The owner said she would refund the money for the order, as promised on Christmas, but also, because of the additional mistake and the emabarassment and inability to fix it on Christmas, she said she would like to re-do the order for New Year's weekend. She then also discussed whether the refund would be in cash or credit, and said she would make sure the order was correct. On New Year's Eve day, I went to pick up the order; it was not the same, and then they refused to refund the money to me. The manager was condescending from the start, and the owner went back on her word. I was going to buy additional items - they lost that sale, and any goodwill. I've returned in the past because they were good, but they are not worth it for the treatment I received.