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Feb 10, 2011 06:00 PM

Desserts using Green Tea Ice Cream

My boyfriend loves green tea ice cream, so I bought a pint to serve as dessert for our Valentine's dinner...however, I want to do something fun with it. After searching the internet, I found a lot of desserts that used ice cream, but none specifically for green tea ice cream. Most of the ones I found used vanilla - and when looking at the rest of the ingredients, it didn't seem that green tea flavors would mesh well.

Does anyone have a recipe or ideas on how to make a fun, easy dessert w/ green tea ice cream? Thanks!

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  1. Easy thing would be to buy a selection of Chinese cookies, bun, and other pastries, even erotic fortune cookies.

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      Erotic Fortune Cookies? Let me know who is selling them!

      Green Tea Ice Cream will sub well for Vanilla. It is not an overpowering flavor. I would not recommend Green Tea Ice Cream with Chinese buns or pastries (which stand on their own and are consumed as snacks with milk tea usually.)

    2. OK, this is going to sound weird, but there is a Japanese Garden festival here each year that serves a green tea ice cream with a sweet red bean paste on top. It's better than you would expect.

      Not saying you should make that. Just letting you know you live in a world where it exists.

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        That's actually a very common combination and it is delicious. Most of the Japanese restaurants around here serve green tea ice cream that way, but if you're not Japanese, you usually have to ask, because they assume westerners don't like it.

      2. Try looking through Pichet Ong's The Sweet Spot for flavor combo ideas. I like green tea with white chocolate, with nuts like pistachios and almonds, or with tangy fruit like raspberries or sweet, creamy champagne mangoes, but there are lots of other ideas out there I'm sure. I have a vague memory of a fruity alcoholic float made with green tea ice cream I had once, but I'm not sure I remember what all was in it. (Sorry, I know that's not much help, but maybe it will start the creative process?) Green tea ice cream with smooth or chunky red bean paste is common on the west coast, and I've also seen it in parfaits with crumbled cookies and whipped cream. Also in cake roulades, but that's more trouble than you may want? If you want to go Japanese, you could make the cream cheese cake recipe in Harumi's Japanese Cooking to serve with the ice cream. It's a microwave recipe, and easy peasy.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! Funny you should mention the drink, it was the only 'recipe' I found when I searched google:
          It actually sounds pretty good!

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            Oh, that's hilarious! I wonder if that's the place I had it? It was a looong time ago.

        2. Serve the green tea ice cream on top of a warm Belgian Waffle, then drizzle with a simple syrup infused with ginger, star anise, and fresh mint. Then before serving, dust with some Lipton's Instant Ice Tea mix.

          1. I'll second the green tea with white chocolate combo. Green tea with red bean is good too. I also like green tea ice cream with sweet black sesame paste with butter cigarette cookies. What brand of green tea ice cream are you getting? Some tastes grassier than others. I know Dreyers is very mild in taste and I like it that way. The ones found in Asian groceries and be really strong and may work better with some combination that others.

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              I bought a pint of Haagen Daaz. I haven't tried that brand hopefully it's good.

              1. re: allie78

                Haagen Dazs is the best! Very well balanced green tea flavor and a nice texture.