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Feb 10, 2011 03:45 PM

Conch Salad

Does anyone know where my husband and I can get conch salad in St. Augustine? We had this wonderful dish while in the Bahamas and craving it again. We are from Indiana and cannot get our hands on conch without spending a fortune. I see many menus with conch fritters but no conch salad. Fresh conch would also work. I could just make my own.

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  1. there is no such thing as fresh conch in Florida, because it's illegal to take conch from Florida waters.

    Everything you find will have been frozen and flown in from elsewhere.

    1. You could try whole foods or fresh market...?

      1. Pretty much all the conch available in Florida (which isn't much) is from a farm in Turks & Caicos. It is frozen and comes in 5 pound boxes that retail for about $60. The frozen doesn't make for great conch salad, and it's use is generally confined to fritters or cracked conch, which is tenderized by lots of pounding and then breaded and fried. That's the best you will do, if you can find it.

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          Well that's lame! Oh well. Where does sushi conch come from? Japan?

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            Nope. Frozen.

            (where do you get sushi conch? Conch's a warm-water species, and most sushi are cold-water species, since Japan's oceans are all cold)