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Feb 10, 2011 03:34 PM

ghetto recipes

This might be for fellow college students but looking for things that you intended to make and found a way despite not having those extra ingredients and had to rely upon condomints to try to replicate the intended flavor.
For example, I defrosted a couple pounds of ground beef looking to make a meatloaf and when I needed to make it I realized the only vegetables I had were some hatch chile peppers. So I chopped them up, and combined them some ketchup, worchestshire, a cajun spice mix, cumin, red pepper flakes, and a bunch of horseradish. Cooked it for a bit then glazed it with a combo of the previous wet ingredients and a roasted red pepper mustard. It was clearly missing the texture of onions, peppers, etc but still came out surprisingly tasty.
So looking for stuff that when you absolutely have to cook the meat but want to get a bit creative

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  1. Someone told me about "white-trash pho" which is made from instant ramen noodles and Steak-Umm. The Steak-Umm is so thin that the hot broth will cook it in the same fashion as the raw sliced beef in real pho.