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Feb 10, 2011 03:09 PM

Minneapolis airport eats?

Howdy, Hounds!
I'll be chilling in the Minneapolis airport for few hours...any suggestions on eating/drinking?
My major airport hangout is One Flew South at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport. Good food + good drink selection. Anything like that in Minneapolis?

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  1. Chilling is the right word this winter! I can't give any f-f-f-first-hand advice, because this is my originating airport (I don't eat there). But City Pages (local weekly paper) recently reviewed the "local" options at MSP airport: reviewed Surdyk's Flights wine bar shortly after it opened:

    And warned us about Wok & Roll's crab rangoons:

    Have a nice MSP layover, and think of us as you head to warmer climes....


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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      I absolutely recommend Surdyk's flights! Had a great experience there in November. I don't remember the details, but I had a fantastic glass of wine and a panini with brie and apple. The service was polite and prompt. And, there are power outlets at every table! A nice touch to help you avoid the awkward power (no pun intended) struggle at the gate.

    2. French Meadow has some very good food there - goat cheese quesadilla, short ribs, free-range chicken with garlic mash potatoes, huevos rancheros, etc. Some vegan and vegetarian offerings. IMO, by far the best that MSP airport has to offer. There might be a few new places that popped up in there since the last time I've had to eat there (about a year ago), but it's worth checking out. F concourse, I believe.

      For wine, Surdyk's wine bar (or something like that - Surdyk's with something after it, sounding wine barish) is by far your best bet. I believe it's in the neighborhood of the F concourse - not on the F concourse, but on your way to it, close to the entrance to it.

      There are a few other spots, but they are all variations on bar food. Some good bar food, some not so good.

      For airport food, French Meadow and Surdyk's are pretty good options.

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      1. re: foreverhungry

        If you are going to have a sandwich at either of these two places ( French Meadow, Surdyk's) make sure it is made fresh. The premade ones are horrible. I didn't have time to have one made and thought they would be OK, they are not.

        1. re: ibew292

          Both of these places are go-tos for me and make me regret that MSP is my homebase, not layover airport.
          I've never had the premade sandwiches...but French Meadow's premade salads are pretty good.

      2. Ikes is great for a sit down meal. Surdyks flights are fun. Wolf gang puck pizza is good.

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        1. re: Latinpig

          I would second Ike's - especially for breakfast and Surdyk's. Get a Prairie Dog bar (BT McElrath milk chocolate + toffee + sea salt) bar at Surdyk's. Yummilicious!

        2. Thanks everybody!
          Sounds like I'll be hunting for Surdyk's!

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          1. re: jaybeck

            Heavy Table totally missed the boat on Wok N Roll. While everything they have in steam trays is terrible, order something off the menu (which is sort of hidden) and you'll get surprisingly decent Chinese Food, CHEAP.

            My go to are the Singapore Rice Noodles. Not the greatest you'll ever eat, but certainly respectable. And, for $7.00, you'll get enough for two people to share. You'll see lots of Asia based Delta flight attendants ordering this.

            The Lo Mein isn't bad either, if you get a version that isn't in the steam tray (I go with Roast Pork.)

            Also, be sure to pick up one of the MSP Airport coupon books. They're available all over the airport, and will get you further discounts at nearly every restaurant in the airport.

            Certainly not great eats, but it is pretty edible, and really cheap.

          2. Happy to report that Surdyk's lived up to the praise. The salad was a huge heap of fresh arugula with a perfectly poached egg, viniagrette (sp?) and bacon. The panini was loaded with prosciutto and on a truly good a baguette. And they managed a proper Sazerac. THIS WAS NOT AIRPORT FOOD!