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Feb 10, 2011 02:24 PM

New Taqueria El Atacor in Echo Park

I noticed today driving home from work that there is a new Taqueria El Atacor in Echo Park.

It is on Sunset Blvd east of Echo Park Blvd in the mini mall right next to the Huarache Azteca which is not as good as the one in Highland Park.

Potato tacos? What else is good? Anyone know if they are related to the other branches?

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  1. El Atacor is not next to Huarache Azteca Numero Dos. It is the replacement. One of the women from the old restaurant is running it.

    I popped in when they were just finishing the renovation and was shocked, shocked I say, to see there were no longer huaraches on the menu. No sopes either. No barbacoa. The lady mentioned they might have some of those items next week but didn't seem sure. I have not been back to get the full rundown on the new place.

    The menu items posted were just basics. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc. I think I ordered some al pastor tacos which were a major drop in quality from what they used to be (btw silverlake girl, during it's heyday I really couldn't tell any difference between the food there as opposed to the HP location). The looming omen of this tacopalypse was a big sign, in English, announcing the inclusion of "veggie burritos" on the menu.

    The renovation was sketch. They erected some drywall around what was formerly an open kitchen giving the place a weird, closed off feeling and they stuck a shiny new jukebox in the corner. Looks like what was my favorite local taco spot has taken a turn for the worse. Would love to hear from somebody whose eaten there more recently. I think my experience there was over a month ago and I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that the not entirely finished renovation had them off their game.

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      Mr Beenz, I dropped in myself a few weeks ago.
      What was once the bargain on Sunset is no more.

      Here's what you use to get...
      A very generous barbacoa burrito with a side of well made guacamole and chips (that were not greasy) all for 3.50 even.

      I have no idea what they were thinking when they erected that wall. I actually felt sad for them for what they did to that space.

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        Thank you, mrgreenbeenz,

        As I sped by in my car I happened to catch a glance at the bright yellow and black sign which matches the signage of one of the El Atacors but not all. I think they are not related.

        As for Huarache Azteca, the one in Echo Park was friendly but incredibly expensive with disappointingly minuscule huaraches compared with the original.

        Did they have the signature potato tacos at the new site? I actually intended to dine there tonight but attended private festivities. I'll try to catch it over the weekend.

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          I happen to know the owner of EL ATACOR and i normally visit the ones in Pico Rivera , east LA and Montebello, I just called him, and he confirmed that he did open a restaurant near sunset and Beverly. So yes, it is the same taqueria el atacor.

        2. I'll try it next time I;m in the area. I've eaten many times at El Atacor #11 on N. Figueroa near Ave. 26. My impression is that their restaurants are all separately owned by different members of the same family. The only thing I've had there that I didn't enjoy were the tamales that they were featuring around the Christmas holidays. I've come to the conclusion now that unless tamales are freshly made on-site, they are probably going to miss the mark. The rest of El Atacor's menu has always been pretty tasty and very inexpensive.

          El Atacor Restaurant
          3520 N Figueroa St Ste 3, Los Angeles, CA 90065

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          1. re: Sam D.

            I tried to go today but Sunset is completely closed from Figueroa to Echo Park. I could not find any access.