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Saturday Brunch in Fort Lauderdale area?

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I travel to the Fort Laudersale area regularly for work and have had fun exploring the restaurants. But I'm struggling to find a place for Saturday Brunch. I find a lot for sunday brunch, but not on Saturday.

The requirements are that they have mimosas, breakfast items, and that it isn't a diner. Ideally it would be within a few miles of downtown or riverwalk. I personally don't like hotel buffets, but if it's good then great.

I found these two so far...
Steak954 - http://www.starr-restaurant.com/steak...
Trina - http://www.atlantichotelfl.com/pdf/10...

Both are more on the pricey side, so I was hoping for something more mid-range to offer them as a choice.

Anyone have a great place that serves Brunch on Saturday?

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