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What's the best steak at Ruth's Chris?

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I know, I know, but my husband really wants to go there. So, I have to know - what's the best thing to order there (besides butter). Would it be the cowboy ribeye? Or the porterhouse for two? I'm guessing it's one of those two....If we ordered the cowboy ribeye, we'd probably also get a petit filet.

And are any of the cocktails particularly good? Salads? Sides? I have to say, the chopped salad looked pretty good off their menu...

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. Forget the filet.
    Seems like it's their feature steak from all the advertisements. I ordered it last time and it was rather tasteless.
    Get the ribeye(s)...bone in or no bone.

    Good point about the butter...ask for it without the butter and maybe ask if you can have it on the side if you really want it.


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      I had the ribeye last time I was there. It was ordinary, as was the creamed spinach; nothing exceptional. The sizzle and taste of the melted butter is what gives it a slight edge.

    2. There really is no "best". Do you prefer a lean, tender steak or a fatty, flavorful steak? Makes all the difference in the world.

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        Au contraire, I believe the consensus is that it's all about the rib-eye. I get what you're saying, but some steakhouses just do a better job with some cuts that others. For instance, Capitol Grille does an amazing porterhouse and that's what I'd get if I was going there.

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          They may do an amazing X, but it stinks if you only like Y.

          On a food board, I'd be surprised if the Rib Eye wasn't the most beloved steak. It has the most flavor.

          Interesting about the CG. I'm almost positive that Porterhouse is Choice, not Prime.

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            I've read here that all the steaks at Capitol Grille are choice, and not prime, but that unlike Ruth's Chris they are dry-aged. Maybe the process does more for a porterhouse than a rib-eye, I really couldn't say. But I have a friend who is an expert in all things meat and will ask him and report back.

      2. The ribeye, great flavor, which a fillet lacks, and their onion rings are killer.

        1. I had a delicious ribeye last time I was there. I usually order the filet and I enjoyed the ribeye a lot more. Normally, I love the creamed spinach but it fell flat on our last visit. It was watery and just kind of bland.

          1. I love the cowboy ribeye. Also the cream spinach and you have to try the sweet potato casserole. It's awesome.

            1. So, thank you all for your advice. I can only hope that the Ruth's Chris in your respective locations is nothing like the Ruth's Chris in my neighborhood, which I will not, under any circumstances, ever be returning to.

              We walked in right at our reservation time and were asked to wait for a minute for our table. Not "would you care to enjoy a drink at the bar" just "wait." Once asked to, they did check our coats. When we asked if we could wait at the bar, they said no, our table was almost ready - they managed to recruit a waiter who also had a private party to serve us. We said "we really don't mind waiting." Blank looks. They did not understand.

              So we sit. We order. They brought me the wrong cocktail. It tasted like the nasty corn-syrup colored water "mixers" that a very sweet but misguided person gave me for Christmas. That I threw out. For $12. I pay $12 for cocktails all the time, but they have, you know, real fruit puree in them and top shelf booze. Not cranberry stoli with corn syrup.

              We ordered our steaks and sides - baked potato, broccoli, cowboy ribeye, petit filet with blue cheese. The filet is actually good, because it kind of needs to be overseasoned, deep-fried, and then slathered in butter.

              The cowboy ribeye is a travesty to steak. I actually think it was briefly deep-fried. It tastes, mostly, of grease. My husband had most of it, and is actually sort of ill well through the next day. It is a crime against cows.

              The broccoli saw better days as a block of prepared foodstuff in the freezer case at Safeway. The baked potato was fine. Can't mess that up. Also, I ordered a half bottle of Shiraz that was really great and well-priced. My husband had beer. At one point, a busboy? food runner? server? came around and dumped half of it into my husband's glass and the rest of it into my glass, now more than halfway full. And a white wine glass to begin with, but whatever.

              And - we were rushed in and out of there. Our steaks showed up before I finished my cocktail. No mention was made of more cocktails or a dessert menu.

              I could do so much better for $200 than go to what is basically an Applebees that abuses more expensive meat.

              I have heard that our Capital Grille on Pennsylvania Ave in D.C. is particularly good, but it blew Ruth's Chris out of the freaking water. There is absolutely *no* comparison in quality of service, ambiance, or food. You can't compare mac and cheese with generous chunks of lobster to a potato that, at least, was not totally FUBAR'd.

              At the very least, it was so bad that it was actually funny, so we did have a really, really good time. And my husband, who formerly bemoaned my love for fine dining, has been won over to the dark side realizes how much he has come to love and appreciate those tasting menus. So there's a happy ending.

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                the ribeye I had at a local Ruth Chris (at the server's recommendation) was one of the worst steaks I have ever had in a restaurant but the Manhattan was great!

              2. One of my all time favorite salads is Ruth's Chopped Salad. I sometimes get it to go, along with one of their delicious cheesecakes, and enjoy them in front of the TV with hubby. I've heard really good things about the onion rings as well, but hubby is not a fan of onion rings so we never order them.

                My favorite steak there is the ribeye, with blue cheese crust. Hubby's the NY strip. I'd say the quality of the food is going to depend on which location you go to as it's all up to the person preparing the item. We go to the Woodland hills one and the cocktails are always good.

                1. A funny thing happened to me a couple of days ago: I had my first and only good NY strip at the Ruth's Chris in Park City! Let me say that generally I do not like steakhouses, I am not a steak person, and if I do eat one I would always choose a rib-eye; however, a series of circumstances had me there, eating a NY strip, and I have to say it was tender, flavorful, and a true delight. I won't return, though - too expensive on my own nickel.