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Feb 10, 2011 11:54 AM

Looking for a GIANT steak

Are there any places in or around Austin that have big steaks that a real man could be proud to down? I want this baby to stop a whale's heart if they ate it. 40oz+

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  1. 40oz? Wimp.

    Most steak challenges I know of are around 72oz:
    (and not in Austin


    Considering the markup on [often mediocre] restaurant steaks, buy your own any size and cut you want and cook it at home where you can eat it with your hands and make all the grunting noises you want.

    Of course once you get past 36oz you're getting into "roast" not "steak" territory for most proper steaks (strip, ribeye, fillet). But with careful cooking and/or butterflying you can cook it just like a very fat steak.


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      I called the good folks down at Roaring Fork in the Stephen F Austin Hotel downtown and they are amenable to cutting and cooking you a 40oz ribeye for $82.

      Sounds pretty reasonable and they definitely use a good grade of beef.

      At some point you can expect a handful of cooks to be sneaking a look out of the kitchen at the he-bear/she-bear who's powering through such a hunk.

      They do a great iceberg wedge smothered in bleu cheese too.

      Gotta get your vegetables to stay at the peak of your powers