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Feb 10, 2011 11:31 AM

best pizza that's not Two Amys

Besides Two Amys, what's the scoop on DC pizza? I'm most interested in neapolitan style...Pizzeria Paradiso is fine, but not quite what I seek. Any wood-fired ovens hiding in otherwise non-pizza joints? TIA.

Two Amys
3715 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20016

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  1. There are four that have popped up in Arlington recently. Pupatella, Pizzeria Orso and Fireworks as well as Rustico now in Ballston. Seems to be quite the trend. I am not a fan of this style of pizza apparently, but the first two listed are quite in with the CH/reviewer crowd.

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    1. re: sekelmaan

      I'm a fan of Fireworks in Arlington (on Clarendon Blvd, very close to the Courthouse metro). I love their "sopranos" pizza- with sausage, big chunks of mushrooms and onions, and a little truffle oil (I wouldn't recommend it if you don't care for truffle oil, it's subtle, but it's there). I've also liked their grilled cheese- great bread, made with three cheeses and served with some sort of tomato marmalade). It's a great place, surprised I haven't seen more of it on chowhound- the people are really friendly too.

      1. re: mjhals

        Fireworks is my favorite of the bunch as well. I don't think that the pizza is as "Neapolitan" perhaps as some of the others, but the crust is better and it holds up. I hate the soggy crust places.

        1. re: sekelmaan

          our pizza at orso could've won a "flop"-"sog" contest. just pathetic! the liquid was pooling for goodness sake (i was looking for tadpoles). that crust (other than the outside edge) was like a piece of paper that got wet in the rain.

          tasty ingredients, technique in great need of improvement.

            1. re: alkapal

              That's unfortunate. Looks like it was an off night. When were these taken? And was Edan manning the oven?

              I've been there three times -- twice when Edan was working -- and had a total of 6 pizzas and none of them resembled these pictures. They were all perfectally cooked with a good amount of char.

              I'd say you should go back and try it again, but as I posted below, he has now left Orso.

              1. re: Guy Incognito

                photos were taken on february 10, 2011.

    2. I'm a fan of Rustico (Arlington) and Matchbox (DC). Both have yummy pizza baked in wood fired ovens.

      827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314

      1. Places that are not primarily pizzerias rarely take the time to make a great dough. So if you are looking for something special I would avoid those. The only serious place for neapolitan very close to a metro stop is 7th Hill in DC. I haven't been yet.

        Pupatella in Arlington, VA and Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church, VA are bot excellent, although I prefer Pupatella. You'll probably need wheels for both.

        5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

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        1. re: Steve

          Seventh Hill is just so-so in my books. Matchbox has a better pizza, neapolitan or not. Take it from someone who has been there. However, I do like 7H for their non-pizza items.

        2. Oro in Rockville Town Center can be good. Matchbox is more ordinary, but good.

          1. Well, it's neither neapolitan nor (to my knowledge) the product of a wood-fired oven, but Vace's pizza is superb.

            3315 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC 20008

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            1. re: marcj

              Vace for sure. I like a crispy, well-done (not burnt) pie. Lost Dog in Westover usually gets it right, as does Al Forno in Frederick if you don't order larger than a medium. Vace makes a perfect large pie every time. One thing I cannot abide is a soupy, undercooked pizza.

              Lost Dog Cafe
              Arlington , VA, Arlington, VA

              1. re: flavrmeistr

                flav, what do you think about the Italian Store's pizza? If you like a crispy crust, it's for you -- great car pizza because you can hold a slice by the crust while driving and it won't flop over.

                Italian Store
                3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

                1. re: Bob W

                  It's pretty good if you catch it right out of the oven, but the half-life is fairly short. It becomes a wizened, greasy shingle after 15 minutes in the hot box. Mostly, I'm there for the subs.

                  1. re: Bob W

                    italian store pizza does not have a crispy crust.

                  2. re: flavrmeistr

                    Yeah, I hate that soupy stuff. I used to be a huge 2 Amy's fan, but the last couple of times I've been my pizza has been served more liquid than solid. At this point, I might prefer Comet Ping-Pong; the upside is not as high as at 2 Amy's, but I feel like there's a baseline of performance that's much better. Also, the Yalie is delicious.