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Feb 10, 2011 08:53 AM

Peking Pavillion, Manalapan

I searched for a previous thread on PP but could not find it. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

Went to Peking Pavillion last night with a couple of business associates and had a very good meal. PP is a bit of an enigma to me.
Its certainly not “authentic” Chinese food, its higher priced than just about any other Chinese restaurant in NJ and when there is a good crowd as last night, it can get noisy. PP can also be a bit of a scene, its clientele trying to outshine each other at the bar. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, just get a good chuckle when I see it :).

Having said all that, the place is sleek, modern, comfortable and turns out some very tasty food.
Three of us shared some excellent appetizers, pork dumplings, skewered chicken and steak and peppercorn calamari were all tasty and well prepared. The calamari were incredibly lightly battered yet were crunchy when eaten. Would like to see that prepared.

For entrees, I had the sesame chicken which was good but sauced a bit heavy. A special of shrimp, scallops and chicken in a savory broth was pronounced delicious and the “Three Delicacies”, a sauté of chicken, beef and shrimp on a sizzling skillet was also devoured.
I spotted an impressive hunk of meat piled up on a plate at a table next to us. When asked, our server said that was “the special Pork Osso Bucco in 5 spice glaze”. This gives you an idea of what might be served here. I must say that I would order that Pork entrée if available next time. It looked that good!

When we want a fix of Chinese food we usually hit Westlake in Aberdeen. Westlake is a modest unassuming hole in the wall serving some terrific Chinese food. Peking Pavillion is the opposite in just about every way but that’s OK, there is plenty of room for both :)

Some information on PP

Peking Pavillion
110 State Route 33, Manalapan, NJ 07726

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  1. Tom glad you had a nice time at PP...we have been there many many times and always enjoyed it..the Fillet Mignon Egg Roll are great also besides their many menu choices..
    Don't forget to Ask For the "Special Fortune Cookies " at the end also .. lol ; )

    PS: on another note I loved the contemporary lavatory with a square shaped dual button flushing operated toilet and square sink very modern.....never saw this before anywhere.

    I also look forward to trying Temple in Redbank as I hear PP is related to the owners somehow?..

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    1. re: Tapas52

      Hi Tapas, like you, have been there many times. Decided to post this time. I think I recommended Peking Pavillion to you in that thread from a couple of years ago.
      The one I can't find :) The decor is very very nice and I agree the lavatory is unique.

      1. re: tom246

        Friends of ours raved about it, but it was just OK to me. I felt it was quite overpriced and that you are paying for the "scene" and their fancy lavatory....not what I look for when it comes to finding good food and not my kind of people.

        1. re: charmel

          +1 Charmel- Their food is nicely presented, but mediocre at best! And way too expensive for what it is.