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Feb 10, 2011 08:49 AM

BLT Steak or Wolfgang's Steak House

Trying to decided between these two restaurants (have not been to either). Which would you try first? Thanks!

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  1. BLT steak!!!

    tuna tartare
    onion rings
    parmesan gnocchi

    Peanut butter chocolate mousse - SUB vanilla for banana ice cream


    Thank me later

    1. Think of Wolfgang's as Peter Luger West.

      1. haven't been to wolfgang's but if it's anything like luger, the steaks will be great.

        had a great meal at blt steak recently. the popovers and chicken pate is a nice touch. a very solid happy hour there too if you get there before 7.

        1. Haven't been to Wolfgang's but have been to BLT twice. Its excellent. You won't go wrong if you decide to go there but if its better or worse than Wolfgang, can't offer an opinion.

          1. Chiming in a bit late, but I went to BLT Steak for the first time on Valentine's day. Despite it being a traditionally "bad" day to go out for dinner, we thought it was excellent - both the food and service. We will absolutely go back.