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Feb 10, 2011 07:31 AM

Calgary: All You Can Eat Week?

I remember posing this idea to my buddies a while ago, but I never pieced it all together. The challenge was simple: hit up a different all you can eat special every night of the week. This would likely just be a Monday to Friday thing...but I suppose I could get really risky and make this a 7 day challenge

I'm hoping maybe you guys can help fill in the days for me & give me some alternative ideas.

-AYCE Ribs at the Palomino.

-AYCE Crab@ Booker's

I'm sure I could fill in some of the days with AYCE Sushi, AYCE wings somewhere, or a trip to Bolero...but I'm looking to see what other daily AYCE deals are out there. Chinese buffets are out of the question :P

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  1. The Calgary's Best Pubs group has penny ribs on Wednesdays, several flavours. I know it's not AYCE, but the marginal cost per rib deserves special consideration for a venture such as this.

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            JM, I'm not much of a believer in psychics, but I beleive I can foretell a collective weight gain in the Calgary ChowNation.

            Perhaps it would be fitting if all who went to an AYCE gave a bit of a review so we can sort out the Q (quantity) onlies from the Q2 (quality and quantity) inclusives.

            (or is this a "chain yank"?)

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              I'm guessing the all caps means snide chain yank.

              But I thank you for the link. And I like your Q1 and Q2 idea.

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                Not a chain yank. This is a great site and I'm embarrassed not to have heard of it before.

                I am a little concerned about its not having been updated recently...

                Great AYCE experience tonight: The hot pot at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant. Absolutely amazing. We had a group of 7 and it wasn't just delicious but fund and interesting too.

          2. Hmmm, Tony Roma has an all you can eat beef ribs the first Wednesday of every month... so it depends on when you

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              Montana's all you can eat beef ribs are everyday. So far we've had better ribs there than Tony's though sometimes Tony's were good.

              I'm sad that as I age I just can't hit the all you can eat anything as hard as I used to. I can't even eat all I can without hurting myself.