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Feb 10, 2011 06:55 AM

Looking for Barbarian's steak spice in York Region

I knew there was one location in Newmarket. But I'm not driving all the way up there for it from Richmond Hill. Are there any closer retailers selling their spices? I haven't been to Bruno's yet on Bayview north of 16th Ave yet...I assume if any one in this area might sell it then...

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    1. re: JPJ

      You're kidding. You've seen it in several Loblaws locations? Will look tomorrow. :)

    2. JPJ is absolutely right. You can also find it at Michael-Angelo's, Bruno's, and Longo's.

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      1. re: dachopstix

        Ok thanks dachopstix. Are you Chinese? :) Didn't know it was so readily available. Might pick up a bottle this morning.

        And thanks JPJ.

        1. re: BDD888

          Not available at Loblaws on High Tech Road. They actually claimed it was discontinued. :) Maybe Bruno's on Bayview might have it. Or the Longo's on Hwy 7/Woodbine.

      2. Indeed I am. Discontinued eh? Wow, I'm surprised. Maybe it'll be easier for you to call instead of going in person. Ask for the Grocery Manager or Assistant Grocery Manager. Try Michael-Angelo's at Woodbine/Hwy 7, across from Longo's. I live in Scarborough now and I'll keep an eye out at my local Real Canadian Superstore.

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        1. re: dachopstix

          Yeah. Will visit the M-A when I'm in the area. Tomorrow I'll be passing by Bruno's on Bayview north of 16th Avenue. See if they have it.

          Never tried Barbarian's steak spice nor been to their restaurant downtown. But would like to try their spice blend.

        2. I realize this post was a long time ago but I thought I would chime in anyway. I've seen it at Loblaws as well, it's usually in a basket or on a display close to the butcher section where you need the butcher to get the meat for you. I love this spice, it goes great on steak, chicken, pork etc.

          1. Try Hy's I think it's a lot better.