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Veal Tenderloin Suggestions?

flfoodie2 Feb 10, 2011 06:22 AM

One of the Italian Markets has whole veal tenderloin butts on special this week. I have never cooked this cut of veal (or eaten it for that matter). I would prefer to make filets rather than cook it whole. Suggestions? Thanks for any help.

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    fourunder RE: flfoodie2 Feb 10, 2011 06:35 AM

    Veal Tonnato.....I'd recommend you roast it whole for this dish, but you could pound slices and make Paillards.....or

    Tournedos of Veal.......encrusted in Pistachios or other crushed nuts, pan searered/roasted.......maybe Au Poivre would be nice as well.

    1. mamachef RE: flfoodie2 Feb 10, 2011 08:03 AM

      Classically you'd cut it into scallops; pound them to about 1/8" thick, dust lightly in seasoned flour, cook quickly on both sides in a bit of olive oil and butter in which you've first sauteed shallots (finely diced), and then finishing with a splash of white wine, a squeeze of lemon, several capers, and a dusting of parsely. Voila. Veal Piccata.
      You could also prep. as above but then do an egg wash and a good coating of nice adherent breadcrumbs, saute quickly, and serve w/ a fried egg on top - for Holstein schnitzel.
      Italian breadcrumbs and a nice chunky tomato sauce (best-quality canned is fine for this) with some garlic and fresh basil and a good scattering of freshly-grated parmesan; served atop plain pasta of choice.....
      I could go on. Enjoy your veal.
      I like fourunder's idea about a nut crust......but you'd have to make the scallops a little thicker to hold up to the crust.

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      1. re: mamachef
        fourunder RE: mamachef Feb 10, 2011 08:31 AM

        Schnitzel or Milanese for sure.......or a take on a Mid-Western classic...


        1. re: fourunder
          mamachef RE: fourunder Feb 10, 2011 08:57 AM

          Brilliant. On a great bun with pickles and mustard........what a great way to use the veal in a completely "fun food" application.

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