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Feb 10, 2011 06:18 AM


Has anyone been to Ceno in Yorkville? I've read quite a few good reviews, but none here on Chowhound. I'm looking forward to our dinner there this Saturday, and would appreciate your thoughts on what I should order!


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  1. Hey. Been there twice... via the Groupon. Have to say.. Food is spectacular.. and not pretentious. First time I had the halibut, and second time I had the wild boar ragu. My friends who joined us loved it. Service is phenomenal... the staff are very personable. It's a nice place, and the quality of the food is high. Sorta one of those places that you hope succeeds because you can tell the people involved are very passionate about it. You won't be disappointed.. that's for sure. Oh yeah, they give every guest a complimentary glass of prosecco upon arrival at your table!

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      I really like Ceno - best place in the Ave/Dav area for sure.

      The service is great and very attentive. I went on a Thursday night and they had live music (bonus!!)...which apparently they have every weekend. I love seafood and two dishes stand out for me - the lobster gnocchi and the trio of raw fish - one was prepared 'Mediterranean style' with olive oil, lemon juice, the other two were more Asian-inspired - spicy mayo and a Ponzu sauce.

      My boyfriend had the rib-eye and the truffled potatoes with Parmesan/truffle foam. It smelled (and tasted) amazing! You should definitely check it out.

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        Thanks for both of your suggestions! I was definitely eyeing the truffled potatoes already (I love my carbs!) and was thinking of trying the equine tenderloin, as I've never had horse before. Will pass your recommends onto my date so that hopefully I can try more dishes ;)

        They also have a special Valentine's Day deal ( for three courses for $65. However, the menu seems kind of limited and not necessarily a better deal than ordering a la carte. The latter may be the way to go!