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Feb 10, 2011 04:17 AM


Anyone know where I can find barberries in Toronto? (Persian) I don't have a car, so somewhere downtown or on the subway line would be great.


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  1. Not on the subway line per se, but Tavazo (Tavaza?) is a Persian store up at Yonge just north of Steeles. They definitely have barberries.

    1. I've purchased them in Persian grocery stores in the Yonge and Steeles area, but I'm sure they're probably available at St. Lawrence Market and in Kensington Market.

      St. Lawrence Market
      92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

      1. Any Persian grocery store in the 'Tehranto' strip on Yonge, north of Finch will have them. There are a couple on the east side of Yonge, probably a couple minutes by bus from Finch Station.

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          'Tehranto'... hehe.. I love our most multicultural of cities :)

        2. I ended up going to Akram's in Kensington Market. House of Spice also said they had them.

          Thanks for the suggestions. Looking forward to a yummy rice pilaf.