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Wait 'till you see Tico!!

Fabulous buildout in the former Cottonwood space. Already a busy bar scene. Lots of really fun small plates we never got to entrees. Can't wait to go back and try 6 more samplings. Good drinks. Good food this is another winner for Michael Schlow.!

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  1. Care to share more? What did you have to eat/drink?

    1. Cool. I just booked a table for the 18th based on your posting.


      1. Pictures!

        How can you choose a user name of BostonPhotoBill and not post pictures???? :-)

        Looks like they just opened this week...I booked it for Sunday night, and will be posting pictures and a writeup ;-)

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        1. Ambitious menu.

          Menupages says they do lunch but they are wrong sometimes ... anyone know?

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            no lunch for two weeks then thank goodness a new spot in the neighborhood

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                Are they open on Sundays? If yes, what hours?

            1. anyone find a website? I can't seem to pull one up...

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                It's ticoboston.con but there is no real info....Just a phone number for reservations.

                1. Is it a costa rican restuarant? I loved the food there, simple though it was.

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                    It's a hodgepodge of non-tradtional Mexican, Spanish and Central American cuisine. Really like what they have done with the space. Wish the OP would share what he had for food and drink.

                  2. Do they vailidate parking after 5;00 like Cottonwood did?