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Feb 10, 2011 12:21 AM

Penang, Malaysia - CRC Indian Mee Goreng

I'd heard so much about this Indian fried (or braised) noodle dish, and the legendary CRC Mee Goreng stall at Larut Road, next to Hotel Royal. I finally made it to the stall on this particular trip to Penang (1.5 hours' flight north of Singapore)

There are 2 types of noodle dishes on offer - the Mee Goreng: fried noodles, Indian-style, with loads of goodies - slivers of mutton/beef/octopus, Indian prawn/vegetable fritters, boiled potatoes, egg, tomatoes & tofu cubes, all slathered in a spicy red chilli paste. A squeeze of lime is added at the end.
The other noodle dish (which I ordered yesterday) was the Mee Rebus, basically the same ingredients, but the noodles are par-boiled instead of being fried, and the accompaniments/ingredients are braised in a tomatoey, beefy stock which was subsequently thickened with a combination of cornstarch & boiled potatoes.

I heard many good things about this place. Unfortunately, the dish I had didn't have that extra edge which would make me come back for more. The chef looked like a fairly youngish Indian bloke (late-twenties, maybe?), not some grizzled old Indian veteran chef with gnarled fingers, the result from dishing out a million plates of fried/braised noodles. My guess is that the young chap is perhaps a second or third-generation chef from the same family, since CRC Mee Goreng has been operating for decades.

I also bought a pack of the fried version (Mee Goreng) to go. But it was also pretty bland & unimpressive when I had it later that evening.

Looks like the poor chap has quite a way to go before he can live up to the reputation of his family's illustrious history in dishing up some of Penang's best Indian-style fried noodles.

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  1. do you know of a good recipe for this dish?

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      There's a good recipe in "The Famous Street Food of Penang", link: