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Feb 9, 2011 10:30 PM

Straw (carnival themed diner), SF Hayes Valley

Who's been to Straw, the new carnival themed diner in SF that opened in January 2011? It's suppose to have local, organic, free-range stuff & fun foods:

Highbrow Lowlife (truffle oil popcorn $4.5)
Wheel of Fortune appetizers (Parmesan-cayenne corn fritters w/ creme fraiche $6.5)
Entrees like Dunk Tank (crab beignets, $12)
Walk the Flank (steak $14)
lots of "carny sandwiches" & sides

Weekend brunch - menu online
ex: play with your food 6.5 (jenga french toast)

203 Octavia (at Page)
Open Daily
Monday thru Friday 5-10pm
Saturday 10-3 & 5-10pm
Sunday 10-3 & 5-9pm

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  1. I went opening week and had a sandwich, the bal'more (dungeness crab, old bay remoulade, malt vinegar). The insides were fine but I had a major beef with the bread; it was an unpleasant tough and chewy roll. We started with the easy cheese revisited, labeled as house-fried potato chips with cheddar bechamel. Trashy but tasty, though I'd try something else next time (the corn fritters looked interesting). I won't do a sandwich there again unless I hear they've switched to different bread.

    I walked past last night at 6:30 and the place was packed. New kid on the block, but the demand at least for now is there. No alcohol yet.

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      Hi Frosty, Greg here (one of the owners). Thanks for coming in on our opening week! I wanted to let you know that the bread wasn't complementing all of the different sandwiches, so we switched up the vendor to customize the bread to the sandwich filling. Thanks again!