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Feb 9, 2011 07:51 PM

John Barrymore home/restaurant??- Sunset Blvd. in WeHo


I just visited the LA area after a long absence and can't find it - my favorite restaurant appears to be gone? Tell me it isn't so! I remember eating at a small restaurant hidden away on the south side of Sunset Blvd. in WeHo. It used to be the home of the actor John Barrymore. I remember walking down a flight of stairs and eating on the patio of the home with trees all around/overhead. (I do believe they might have had seating inside as well). It seems to me that the address was in the 8000s on Sunset Blvd but, after walking down to the restaurant, the world just melted away. Can anyone tell me if I've just "misplaced" the correct address, or did something happen to the restaurant (e.g., "progress").

  1. Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Blvd?
    9201 Sunset Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90069

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      The reason I mentioned Hamburger Hamlet was because John Barrymore's pictures as Hamlet adorn the walls of all their locations.

    2. if its the place i am thinking of its now house of blues .sorry dont remember the name of the restaurant

      1. I think you're remembering Butterfield's? It was a lovely place, sadly long gone.

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          correct I had forgotten about that place.
          yes sadly gone

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            Oh, thank you, thank you...I remember now, it was Butterfields!! Yes. Oh's now gone? What a shame. I'm so sad. It had such character and ambiance. :-(

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              Thanks for resolving a mystery for me. I always wondered what "Ode to Butterfield's" on BLD's menu was a reference to. (It's a variation on eggs Benedict.) I'm sure this must be this Butterfield's. Searching for it just turned up a lot of references to Bonhams & Butterfields, the auction house.

            2. Butterfield's--fondly remembered as the location of my first date with my husband back in 1986. I don't remember the food, but the view was great and so was the hug in the parking lot. I think that it has been built over.

              1. It was definitely Butterfilds's the owners name being Rudy Butterfield. They were going to sell the restaurant and open up a place in the Napa Valley back as early as 1981 when Rudy told me that Napa was the 7th largest tourist attraction in the United States.. He also was the first one to introduce me to a blush wine made by Caymus called Oeil de Perdrix or Eye of the Partridge. I believe an unfortunate intervening divorce scuttled all plans and resulted in the closure of Butterfields and it's re-morphin several times. I will never forget those wonderful lunches on the patio and the excellent food the Butterfields served. Their loss to me was as big as having lost Scandia's.